You Can’t Hate Yourself Into Recovery

Raw & Real: One of the best decisions I ever made some years ago now, was to choose to begin to believe the kind things people said about me. I was sitting at my desk, back when I still didn’t have a lot of cognitive functions, and I realised I continuously believed the worst about myself.

The Truth about Trigger Warnings

We have a wonderful, global Complex Ptsd Peer Support group, run by a fully trained and in training Team of Admins, Moderators and Assistants. The group is fully equipped with close to 40 Units – now called Guides – of information for Effective Complex Ptsd Recovery.  One of the questions we get asked is what is a Trigger Warning and why do we need it? One of our Team, Lauren, answers the questions for us.

The Negativity Bias of the Brain

Raw and Real: Self discovery of the week, once a flashback occurs, abandonment depression happens, any type of unconscious trigger, the negativity bias of the brain is in play again AND I have to be able to spot it. Once I spot the negativity bias driven thoughts I can then return to being who I am AND pursuing each day with passionate pursuit in my work, my relationships, my life!

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