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My mission is to make quality Complex Trauma Recovery Coaching & Products effective, affordable and available to anyone aiming to live their ideal life. Part Coach, part Educator, part Motivator and part Friend, Complex Trauma Coaches work with everyone seeking help.

From managers and entrepreneurs to parents and caregivers determined to change the generations of toxicity and dysfunction to create future generations free from the toxic hand me downs, we’re here for you.

Helping you define and achieve your goals — career, personal, and more often than not, both. Helping you design your own successful road map for your unique life. Helping you create healthy, dynamic sustainable relationships. 

Working together for your Better Life.

Linda Meredith

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Receive the motivation, guidance, and support you need to get your life on track with Complex Ptsd Coaching. Available Globally.

Coaching, Books & Courses for effective recovery from Complex Ptsd saving you Time and Money helping you return to good
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Complex Ptsd occurred within the context of a relationship, and healing begins within the context of Emotionally Safe Relationships.

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Complex Ptsd: How to Break your Silence

Complex Ptsd: How to Break your Silence

For the silence to cease we ALL must be willing to get on board and LEARN news ways through our challenges, do our own self reflection work and OWN our previously hidden unexpressed thoughts and emotions and map NEW roads.

CPtsd: Breaking Intergenerational Trauma

CPtsd: Breaking Intergenerational Trauma

The loneliness tore through me seated at the school waiting for my kids. I could not envision what my life would be like now, having literally lost everyone and everything. Loneliness is a deep, physical feeling. The one thing I never gave up on was the belief that I had done the right thing leaving despite no one else seeing or believing what I knew to be true.

Life Beyond Narcissistic Abuse

Life Beyond Narcissistic Abuse

“We are retraining our brains to heal what they’ve been through, what they were wired to do when we had no choice.”  Charlotte Beaty Thigpen Hello my online Family! I wanted to share some things with you and to offer you encouragement. Because I’ve had so much time on my hands, I have been working …

Life Beyond Narcissistic Abuse Read More »

Client Reviews

Within the first week of coaching with Linda, my super-high level of hypervigilance I was operating at- it was actually reduced by such a significant amount that I was finally able to recognize times when I was dissociating.
H. Engel
Michigan, USA
I have been in therapy for over 20 years and I have to tell you…you are the first person who has given me hope… For a normal life and being triggered is not the end of the world.I am so blessed to have met you because you’ve really helped me.
D.Morrison RN PHD
Connecticut, USA
Today I got triggered. AND, thanks to Linda Meredith‘s amazing course I was able to get a huge understanding of what I’m going through and deal with it. This awareness is priceless. She is a solid coach and I highly recommend her courses and one on one coaching. Truly, thank you Linda.
Simon Goldwhite
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