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I've been searching for answers to my depression, which I didn't believe I even had during my anxiety days, for a very long time. Recently I came into an awareness my brain had significantly healed. I was only able to recognise this for 2 reasons.

One morning recently, as I stood up to get out of bed, I was dizzy and managed to stop myself from falling over, just. As I quickly brought myself into conscious awareness I realised I’d been holding my breath during my sleep and I’d had a nightmare. As I took another couple of steps, bringing myself upright, I did a body scan to determine what emotions were being driven by the nightmare. Reaching my full stride an overwhelming sense of terror at being abandoned fill me, then moved out of me. It was like the moment you emerge from a shower, one moment you’re under a gorgeous, soothing flow of water and the next you’re not. 

That’s how this energy released felt. One moment internally I’m acknowledging a felt sense of terror at losing everything, the next I’m stepping into a space where that no longer exists. There was also an awareness this was only half of what needed to be released. Due to me being able to recover from this nightmare and processing of the intergenerational trauma I knew things were going to change for me.

The second thing that happened was I became aware of a number of new symptoms I’d never identified as being in my life or a problem for me throughout the many years of my life. This was Complex Ptsd healing raw and real. The moment genuine healing happens you begin to see and notice new things about yourself, your life, previously not known or noticeable to yourself before this. Then you realise the impact of decades of not knowing and you need to reach for the Kleenex and have a good sob. So I did.

I went and saw professionals and was going to have a formal diagnosis done but then I realised if I looked at each symptom, broke down how I need to adapt things, looked at the neuroscience, I’d be able to address the symptoms without going through a 2 year process waiting for professionals to tell me what I already knew. Plus, my preference was to not be medicated if at all possible. I will take medication if needed, and will also find natural solutions if possible.

It was at this point I discovered what Dopamine does in the brain, and the possibility I had a lack of it due to the Complex Trauma. Next step was to research online for a product to suit my needs. The product I’ll share with you suits me, plus I’m aware of my own personal mental health needed. If you have any questions at all about possible drug interactions seek professional help before purchasing or taking any of it.

CompanyWebsite: naturalstacks.com
Update: Just over a week ago I started taking this product. The difference in my daily life is astounding – for me.
So far this week I’ve easily showered, exercised, done dishes, done washing, eaten, planned for my future, organised more work this week than ever before, and been able to finish things I work on despite boredom, plus organised it all easily. I’ve had automatic thoughts remind me of things I want to do – this blows me away.
My normal was I’d have to work damn hard to remember to go put the washing on. I have a nap and it’s automatic thoughts AND motivation to go put the washing on. This has not happened in many, many, many years.
I’ve had zero side affects plus I’m able to remember all the small things in my day now and plan for my future. I’ve never done that in my life, ever.
The brain fog is gone. I get up and automatically go to gym without having to have a conversation with myself about how I need to go. I’m a lot happier, no, let me rephrase that, I can literally feel how happy I am. i.e. I’m happy by nature, and this is like having a happy vibe running through my body too.
I’m aware it’s still going to take time to make certain adjustments in my life and I’m okay with that too. The difference is now I’m able to see where I’m going with the adjustments and be incredibly proud of myself for having made it this far without a necessary chemical happening in my brain. Damn proud.
I am not, nor will I ever be an affiliate for any company. I believe you need to make your own choices through understanding what you need at any given point in time in your recovery. Natural and prescribed products work for me, so choosing this product was a case of reading all the reviews and knowing if it was good and worked, it would work for me.
Another one of our admin has started taking this too and has noticed a difference as well. In their words they’d wondered where their get up and go had gone. Both of us are taking 2 tablets a day.
Again, know yourself, and know what will or won’t work for you individually.

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