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My healing journey began in 2016 after a terrible DV incident that changed my life and that of my family's forever. I was thrown into being a single mum of 4 kids and I started drinking even more heavily than I already did.

From Surving to Thriving

My healing journey began in 2016 after a terrible DV incident that changed my life and that of my family forever.

I was thrown into being a single mum of 4 kids and I started drinking even more heavily than what I already did. On the 1st August 2016 I made a decision to quit alcohol and start making better choices for my children. Monkey see, Monkey do right? I’m still sober today!

After spending time in a psych ward detoxing and a few months of therapy and psych appointments, I stumbled across a wonderful support group online. Back then, Healing from Cptsd was a little group, just a few members. I came in like a wrecking ball. I was angry with the world and I wanted the world around me to change without me changing a thing. Ha! Welcome to wishful thinking.

Enter Linda – our groups founder. Her soft but no nonsense approach kick started something in my brain. I was forever hearing “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” It didn’t make sense until I started my healing journey. I had to make the changes I needed and only I was responsible for me.

Through group, I learnt about what having CPTSD means and how it has impacted my choices over my life. I learnt better coping mechanisms. I learnt about boundaries and how they are a must/need! I learnt about cutting toxic people and behaviours from my life. I learned the most important thing  of all and that’s the cycle stops with me. I learnt how to teach my children to make better choices and to be better humans.

Last year saw me as an admin and then co-director for this wonderful group. I faced many challenges in the time, both mental and physical. My health was crap. I was suffering from insomnia/sleep issues and also trying to run a household. I ran myself ragged trying to please everyone but myself.

Somehow I had forgotten who I was and so I lived seeing the world through a screen. Then I wrote 3 letters to myself. They help keep the momentum of life going for me. Now I am living my best life!!!

I am currently studying a certificate in Conservation and Land Management (CaLM), working outdoors in the bush with nature. Both flora and fauna!! It truly is amazing. I have done things that past me would never have dreamed of OR had the confidence to do. I’ve held a 3m carpet python (never held a snake before in my life, I’m 38!). I got to cuddle a wombat and she was so heavy and cute and fluffy. I pat and feed goats everyday (when they aren’t trying to head butt me lol) But best of all I get to challenge myself and learn something new everyday!! As well as helping bring the native plants and animals back to the way things were,  I love being able to give back to mother earth 🥰

Never give up on healing, no matter how hard it is! It is so worth it and so rewarding!!


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