Trauma Recovery Coaching Goals

Linda Meredith
Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
Specialising in Emotional Neglect, Abandonment, Dissociation, Addictions
Counsellor specialising in Solution Focused Therapy

Primary Goals

Our primary goals as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach are to help our clients:

• establish personal safety

• feel heard, validated and understood

• learn how to connect with themselves and others by first connecting with one another and then connecting with the survivor community

• identify the lies they learned due to their abuse and replace them with truths

• identify their strengths and maximize them

• set goals and action steps for their recovery

• understand how their trauma impacted them biologically, psychologically, emotionally and relationally

• develop a toolbox full of strong coping techniques to facilitate healthy personal change and make their recovery smoother

• connect with adjunctive resources that will help them meet their recovery goals

• identify any maladaptive coping mechanisms they are employing and address them as they choose to do so

• understand how intergenerational trauma, family mythology and family systems have effected them

Escalated Care Protocol

This client protocol is triggered by:

• An expression of active suicidal ideation – there is intent and a plan

• Active drug or alcohol addiction

• Demonstration of an inability to keep themselves safe, resulting in their engaging in unsafe behaviour such as unprotected sex, walking alone at night in potentially dangerous neighbourhoods, intentionally driving recklessly, dissociation while driving or at other risky times

• Repeated involvement in physical altercations

• Repeated involvement in criminal activity

• Involvement in an actively abusive interpersonal relationship

• Any other behaviour that evokes a concern for your client’s physical and psychological safety

• A score of 40 to 50 on the Client Safety Risk Assessment

Certified Complex Trauma REcovery Coaching

Coaching with Linda transforms your REcovery

Certified Complex Trauma REcovery

Free Complex Ptsd Library

Learn From Industry Leaders in Complex Trauma Recovery

Up to date Neurobiology and Psychology information applied in practical applications by Coaches who live the recovery journey to thrive. We ensure through continued training and research we can help you as an individual recover from the impacts of Trauma.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Techniques developed in house plus ongoing professional development to ensure we can help you gain the most out of our coaching and courses. We know your brain needs to have new experiences in your daily life to recover and we ensure your path includes specifically designed for Trauma recovery tools and techniques.

A results-driven approach to Complex Trauma Recovery

Have you spent years in recovery, in therapy, and still battle to achieve your personal recovery goals? We consult with you specifically to determine your recovery goals and to help you achieve them. Results happen when you are equipped with the essential tools needed for Trauma Recovery.

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