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My mission is to make quality Complex Trauma Recovery Coaching & Products effective, affordable and available to anyone aiming to live their ideal life. Part Coach, part Educator, part Motivator and part Friend, Complex Trauma Coaches work with everyone seeking help.

From managers and entrepreneurs to parents and caregivers determined to change the generations of toxicity and dysfunction to create future generations free from the toxic hand me downs, we’re here for you.

Helping you define and achieve your goals — career, personal, and more often than not, both. Helping you design your own successful road map for your unique life. Helping you create healthy, dynamic sustainable relationships. Working together for your Better Life.

I look forward to working together to achieve your recovery goals.

Linda Meredith

Certified Complex Trauma REcovery Coaching

Coaching with Linda transforms your REcovery

Certified Complex Trauma REcovery

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