Trauma Recovery Coaching Goals

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Linda Meredith
certified trauma recovery Coach
Counsellor specialising in solution focused therapy

Our primary goals as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach are to help our clients:

• establish personal safety

• feel heard, validated and understood

• learn how to connect with themselves and others by first connecting with one another and then connecting with the survivor community

• identify the lies they learned due to their abuse and replace them with truths

• identify their strengths and maximize them

• set goals and action steps for their recovery

• understand how their trauma impacted them biologically, psychologically, emotionally and relationally

• develop a toolbox full of strong coping techniques to facilitate healthy personal change and make their recovery smoother

• connect with adjunctive resources that will help them meet their recovery goals

• identify any maladaptive coping mechanisms they are employing and address them as they choose to do so

• understand how intergenerational trauma, family mythology and family systems have effected them

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