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Coaching with Linda Transforms Your Recovery

Experience Breakthroughs from Childhood Developmental Trauma resulting in healthy changes to your quality of life, your relationships and your career.

All professional qualifications and continuing education combined with Linda’s personal recovery journey provide a highly effective complex trauma coaching experience. Linda is professionally supervised, mentors and educates other Certified Trauma Recovery Coaches.

Working Together for your Effective Recovery and Authentic Life

Linda’s life mission is to ensure no one person has to suffer alone like she did in her recovery from undiagnosed Complex Trauma. Her aim is to provide effective,  quality Complex Trauma Recovery  available to all seeking an authentic life and wanting to be the change the generations need.

Helping everyone from managers and entrepreneurs to parents and caregivers determined to change the toxicity and dysfunction handed down to us for many generations. Linda knows from her own story we must be the change in order to create future generations free from the intergenerational hand me downs which are currently creating health, relationship and career challenges for all of us.

In this space you will be helped to define and achieve your personal goals — career, relationship and health goals and more often than not, all of them. Linda will help you design your own successful road map for effective Complex Ptsd recovery so you can experience the dynamic, sustainable relationships and life your heart desires.

Working together for the life you crave beyond the impacts of Complex Trauma.

Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith

Complex Trauma Recovery Coaching


“There is often a close relationship between emotion and physical sensation. Physical sensations in the body often co-occur with feelings. Moreover, sensations of tightness and tension can develop as a defense against feelings. As unexpressed feelings accumulate, a greater degree of muscular tension is necessary to keep them under wraps. A child who is repeatedly punished for emoting learns to be afraid of inner emotional experience and tightens [armors] the musculature of her body in an effort to hold feelings in and to banish them from awareness. Holding your breath is a further manifestation of armoring. It is an especially common way of keeping feelings at bay, as breathing naturally brings your awareness down to the level of feeling.”

Pete Walker, Complex Ptsd: From Surviving to Thriving


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Linda's Professional Qualifications

  • Australia’s First Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
  • World’s First Advanced NPE trauma recovery coach
  • Australia’s First Supervisor Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
  • World’s first Complex Trauma Supervisory Trauma Recovery Coach
  • Founder of the Worlds First Complex Trauma Recovery Membership for Individuals
  • Founder of the Worlds First Complex Trauma Trained Certification for Trauma Coaches
  • Diploma Counselling – Specialising in Solution Focused Therapy/Art Therapy
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) with Janina Fisher
  • Certificate Treating Complex Trauma: Beyond Competency
  • Certificate: Toxic Shame
  • Certificate Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems
  • LivingWorks Start – Suicide Prevention
Complex Trauma Recovery

Am I Ready for Complex Trauma Coaching?

Self-discipline.  Learning how to discipline yourself to say no and learning to focus on what’s important are essential parts of becoming healthy. Even if those around you are upset at you no longer being available 24/7.  Are you ready to remain focused on your recovery goals?

You may be ready for Complex Trauma Recovery Coaching if you have -

Tolerance for discomfort. Are you proactive in embracing new ways of perceiving and acting?  Are you able to endure periods of discomfort to realise the rewards of taking new and different approaches?

Openness to experimentation. Trying something new means taking risks, and experiments with new behaviours may not work the first time. Are you willing to try out new ideas and actions, fail, learn, and try again?

Ability to look beyond the rational. Behaviour is not rational — it’s driven by emotions like fear, anger, and pride. Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of your own behaviours and relationships by exploring their emotional dimensions?

Willingness to take responsibility. It’s hard to change if you don’t believe you have the power to shape your future. Blaming the organization, the boss, too many responsibilities, and so on will block you from growth. Are you ready to hold yourself accountable for making progress?

Capacity for forgiveness. the willingness to be willing to be willing to make peace with the past and channel your energy into progress is essential to move forward into the life we choose to create.

Ability to ask for support.  You are accountable for change, but you will develop faster when you connect with other people. Are you ready to begin thinking about developing a new support network around you? 

The 8 Pillars of Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching:

1. Consent – You are in the drivers seat, and we will not explore anything before you are ready. I may gently nudge you outside your comfort zone, but I will always respect your decision to proceed or pull back. 

2. Curiosity – Developing our ability to be curious is one of the most important ingredients in healing. Being mindfully curious about what’s going on in your inner world  allows you to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and where you want to be in your recovery journey.

3. Participation – Complex Trauma Recovery Coaching is not something I can do for you. It is something we both must be fully engaged in, and I will encourage you to be an active participant in your own healing. While I am there to support you all the way, ultimately you must take the steps forward.

4. Present-focused – Complex Trauma is a living legacy. Everything you need to heal is accessible in the present moment.  Yes, stories from your past will inevitably come up. The most important component is how those stories are impacting you today that matters the most. We will be working with the here-and-now to help your brain and body release unconscious, stored memories from your life.

5. Neuro-Psychoeducation – I will share the neuro/psycho/bio/spiritual evidence based information with you. This can help you gain a better understanding of what the brain is driving, why you are experiencing certain things, and help you feel less alone whilst taking charge of your effective recovery.  

6. Respect – Even your most destructive coping strategies were adopted for a good reason. While they may be outdated now, we still treat them with respect, because at one time they saved you from mental/emotional/physical/psychological pain.  Understanding why you developed these coping strategies and how they served you in the past can help you release them in the present.  

7. Transparency – I am always transparent about my process, and honest with you.  If you want to know about my life, I am an open book. If you ask me for honest, direct feedback, I will provide it.

8. Emotional Safety is the core foundational need of Complex Trauma Recovery. Without it your brain stops you from having an effective recovery. We will always ensure you are emotionally safe and that you can speak up for what will and won’t work for you.     

Every session is based on the core elements of Linda’s coaching principles designed to help you achieve all you want in life, both personally and professionally. 

A Trauma Recovery Coach is an individual qualified to educate, encourage, challenge and motivate you to achieve your recovery goals. A  Trauma Recovery Coach is an active listener who works closely with you to facilitate recognising the strategies & structure you require to move yourself towards your goals. We celebrate your successes, help you discover how to overcome challenges, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and assist you to move forward at quicker pace than you can achieve on your own.

During each session we  recap on the actions set and achieved from the last session and cover any questions you may have. We then set a ‘session goal’ to clearly achieve your desired outcome. Together we explore what you may have tried, what has worked and identify obstacles to overcome. Next I provide you with insight and psychoeducation plus  possible options for strategies and structure to achieve your goal. At the end of the session we agree on your goals for the week and I provide you with any necessary education and worksheets you may need throughout your week.


Sessions take approximately 50 minutes. These sessions can be weekly or fortnightly and are set according to the speed you can integrate taking actions in your daily life to achieve your goals.

This depends on what you want to achieve with your recovery. Most clients come with a specific goal in mind.  For some clients this may take as little as 4 sessions and for clients aiming at full recovery more sessions are involved according to their personal stage of recovery. 


All coaching takes place Online via Zoom. This has proven to be the most convenient way for individuals to fit Coaching into their busy lives. You will need a quiet room with no distractions where you can focus completely on our conversation.  

Coaching costs about the same amount of money as seeing any health professional. For more information on packages and prices click here

Yes, and you can also include your therapy and coaching with other practitioners also. I have a number of clients who work with their therapist and with me, and the results are highly effective.

The answer lies in are you ready to live life as your authentic self? Most of my clients find me when they’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked. More often than not clients have spent many years in therapy and are fed up with minimal to no progress. Others have spent years in recovery believing that’s all life will hold for them. Together we make inroads into a healthy life in shorter time frames due to combining Coaching and the latest in Neuroscience.

I can’t be specific here as Trauma Recovery is an individual journey needing to take into account many different factors, for example, the stage of recovery you are at today, how the events in your life impacted you, the work you’ve done up until now and more. The longest a client worked with me was 7 months and by then they were ready to return to work after having been unable to work due to a breakdown. 

We Do Not go back over the past in any depth. Doing so is counterproductive with Trauma Recovery and has the potential to retraumatise you. You are already reliving the trauma every day in your body, therefore, you do not need to revisit the trauma.


Complex Trauma Recovery Coaching will allow you to discover new goals, focus on the steps you need to achieve them and unlock your potential hiding within you.

 Trauma Recovery Coaching is not covered by any insurance at this time.

Not at this stage. I will be doing group coaching in the near future. 

I haven’t had to refer out as clients find me when psychology isn’t working. If I sense you need additional assistance in your recovery I will be honest with you and refer on where I can.

Individual Consultation

(Single Appointment)

Includes identifying your one next step in recovery, personalised strategy and structure plus a designed for you workbook to continue your recovery.

4 Sessions Success

(Book 4 Sessions Discounted)

Includes identifying your one next step in recovery, personalised strategy and structure plus a designed for you workbook to continue your recovery and includes a discount for booking 4 sessions in advance.

Hi, I’m Patrice,

I’m an NPE (Not Parent Expected) and survivor of childhood trauma and abuse. My curiosity, compassion, and humor have helped me heal from those experiences – which in turn has inspired me to help others do the same.


Advanced Certified NPE Coaches
Hi, I’m Teresa,

I’m an NPE (Not Parent Expected) and survivor of childhood trauma and abuse. I am passionate about helping others walk through their pain – not around it, but through it. 


Available Globally

International Coaching is currently available online only via zoom from my home base in Brisbane, Australia.

My clients come from all corners of the world. America, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, Israel, Thailand and more!