This week two of our Wonderful Admin Team wrote thoughtful analogies around our Complex Ptsd recovery on different days. I thought I’d share them with you to give you hope and encouragement plus so that you always know you are not alone in this journey. 

- Linda Meredith

Certified Complex Trauma Recovery Coach

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From Seed to Harvest: The Garden of Recovery from Complex PTSD

Written by Kathy Hensley
As we go through all of the ups and downs, and twists and turns of life, sometimes it can feel overwhelming, and we may wonder if life will ever get better; especially for those of us who struggle with Complex PTSD. We tend to be in survival mode, so we often react in the only ways that we’ve ever known; which leads to emotional subsistence.
Thankfully, however, it doesn’t have to stay that way. It really can get better, if we’re willing to put into practice the strategies that we can learn right here in Healing From Complex PTSD.
So, let me illustrate this by using a garden analogy. In the beginning, we plant the seeds of healing as we begin learning about the trauma that we’ve experienced, its impact on us, and what we can do to overcome it. We water the seeds by making daily consistent steps towards healing, whether those efforts are large or small. We will also begin to weed out the trauma responses, a.k.a. maladaptive coping mechanisms, that we’ve long depended upon in order to survive, but no longer work for us.
As we grow and change, as we become stronger and more resilient, we begin to notice subtle differences in how we respond to the challenges that we will inevitably face. We will notice how much we’ve grown and the progress that we’ve made. We will feel more confident and self-assured. The seeds we plant today will bear fruit in its season. Our lives will begin to transform in ways that we probably could not have imagined just a short time ago.
From seed to harvest, our lives become more beautiful and abundant over time, and we begin to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Hello Fellow Seeds!

Written by Sherry Yuan Hunter
Maybe we are still in a hard shell,
Not able to break out and plant ourselves.
The environment hasn’t been particularly friendly.
It’s hard to want to come out of our shell,
When there is no water,
Which we so desperately need.
We know we won’t grow if there is no sunshine,
Which we so desperately need.
So we have protected ourselves and stayed in our shell.
We are still a seed.
It’s going to be painful to break out of our seed shell.
But we can see what happens when others do.
I see trees around me.
They are tall and beautiful,
And I feel like I’m in their shade.
But I am a seed.
I’m not a tree yet.
Or am I?
Maybe part of me is a tree already.
And I just THINK I’m still a seed,
So sometimes I ACT like a seed.
Because I’m a bit confused.
The environment doesn’t work for me.
Not enough water, not enough sun.
It hurts to grow when there isn’t enough.
Sometimes I lean towards the sun.
I’m worried I’m going to fall over.
Sometimes I get water,
So I soak it all up.
But I’m worried that I’m going to drown.
I’m confused.
Hey you over there,
I think I see something spouting.
Are you becoming a tree?
Oh, right, you don’t know yet.
No pressure.
Just wondering.
You look like you are going to be something amazing.
In fact, you already are.
Whatever I am,
I can still grow.
I can become great.
I just need the environment
To be what I need it to be.
To be what I need me to be.
Hello seed.
How are you today?
What do you need
To grow?

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