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Complex Ptsd Recovery
Linda Meredith

Complex Ptsd: Through the Lens of a Survivor

It can an incredibly overwhelming challenge when you’re an adult survivor of childhood abuse to see a way through from Survivor to Thriver. I watched it unfold in my own recovery over the years because I had no mud map imprinted in my brain of the “how to’s” in life. 

I understand what it’s like to look at other family’s and think “why didn’t I get that experience?” or “How come they have money and we have to hide the fact that we have none?” To be honest the list can be endless in regards to the questions we ask and often get left unanswered.

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Raw & Real: CPtsd
Linda Meredith

Complex Ptsd: Faster is Not the Answer

If there’s one thing I’ve continually felt frustrated with during this recovery to remission process it’s this. Why can’t I be well now. Heck, not even now, why can’t I be well yesterday?

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Trauma & Spirituality
Linda Meredith

When Love Conquers Fear

You sit on your Pedistool, Judging from up high

Looking only at things, from the outside

seeing all ways as bad and too far

never wondering what is buried inside

you don’t see the turmoil

in the mind

you don’t see the scars

covered with pride

you won’t see hurt

buried by time

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