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Trauma & Spirituality
Linda Meredith

When Love Conquers Fear

You sit on your Pedistool, Judging from up high

Looking only at things, from the outside

seeing all ways as bad and too far

never wondering what is buried inside

you don’t see the turmoil

in the mind

you don’t see the scars

covered with pride

you won’t see hurt

buried by time

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Complex Ptsd Recovery
Linda Meredith

Essential Questions for a Potential CPtsd Coach/Therapist

Have you ever been to a Therapist who has minimised, made small of, your childhood trauma. OR had a Therapist say “you come from a very trashy background” or even this “you’re drinking caused the abuse.” All of these responses, and more, were said to members of our global family by therapists, and I was devastated for them.

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