Anger Management Recovery Workbook/Journal

How to Manage the emotional overload of Anger and chart your own path
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As children we are taught not to express emotions, or not to feel at all, and this can relayed by our families both non verbally and verbally. At very young ages we get the messages to be quiet, to not be sad, we are told we have nothing to be angry about, to be upset about, to just get over it, to be quiet and not be seen or head. Then there's the "stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about." Plus the coercive threats "if you don't stop crying you'll never get to go again." And I know you relate to these also because the world over parents have been using these intergenerational, toxic behaviours to keep child seen and not heard, to appear in public as perfect children, perfect reflections of their "good parenting" skills.....

Meanwhile, from a very young age these patterns have been held in place and we had no idea they were there. I know, for me, I couldn't wait until I left home and believed I'd be free from it, only to have these unconscious patterns disrupt my life with every year my age increased. The anger inside me I could never recognise because I wasn't explosive like the examples that had gone before me, nor the examples of the men I married. Rather, my anger was suppressed until I had done enough recovery I could begin to recognise it.

When you're ready to work with your anger and recover this gentle workbook and journal with take you through the steps to help you identify what is happening for you in the now, help you to understand the impact on your internally and then how to chart your way through the anger into the spaces you would like to create for your own adult life.

I've included 4 files with this download. 1 Pdf and 1 Zip for each of the books. The pdf for you to print out or send to your local print shop for printing and the Zip files are so you can repeatedly print out specific pages easily. This is especially handy if you're a Trauma Coach or Therapist who needs specific pages for clients, rather than a whole workbook at any one time.

I know you'll experience the understandings and breakthroughs I have as you go through the gentle workbook and journal.

Anger Management Recovery Workbook - 44 pages

Anger Management Recovery Journal - 43 pages - A page for each day of the month

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All sheets contain integrative homework which is vital for effective complex trauma recovery.

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Whilst Linda is a Complex Trauma Trained Certified Trauma Recovery Coach/Supervisor she is not a doctor or mental health professional readily available to you. This eworkbook is based on her own experiences and education and is not a replacement for any type of medical attention you may need.

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