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Creating Comfort through reflection
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“Never. We never lose our loved ones. They accompany us; they don’t disappear from our lives. We are merely in different rooms.”

I know what loss feels like and the most scary part is the grief after. We lost our true selves, become depressed and afraid to open up. Instead of asking for help, we close our hearts and blame our own inability to have prevented that loss, in the first place. I’m here to tell you –

It’s time to help yourself

This is why I’ve created “The Grief Relief Journal” – Designed to help anyone suffering from grief navigate the emotional journey of coping with loss. The grieving process is a personal and individual experience, and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

This 109-page Grief Relief Journal is the perfect resource for individuals, coaches, and practitioners looking to support the healing process of those experiencing loss. With carefully crafted prompts, exercises, and reflection space, this comprehensive journal can make a positive difference in the journey of coping with grief.

This comprehensive journal provides a safe and private space to express your thoughts and feelings about your loss. With prompts and exercises designed to help you process your emotions, reflect on your memories and gain perspective on your situation, this journal will guide you through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with grief.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Quotes & Inspiration for Anyone suffering from the Pain of Loss
  • Worksheets & Prompts to help you support the grief period by acknowledging your feelings
  • Multiple sections supporting you through to every step of your grief journey

Using this journal regularly and being honest and open with your thoughts and feelings will allow you to take your time and work through your emotions at your own pace. Remember that grief is a natural process, and there is no time limit for healing. This journal will be here for you whenever you need it. Invest in yourself or your clients’ emotional well-being today with our Grief Relief Journal and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow.

What’s Included In The Grief Journal

Whilst Linda is a Complex Trauma Trained Certified Trauma Recovery Coach/Supervisor she is not a doctor or mental health professional readily available to you. This eworkbook is based on her own experiences and education and is not a replacement for any type of medical attention you may need.

This is a digital product. Do not distribute it or use commercially. It can be used as an individual or professional with clients but cannot be resold.

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