Emotions: A Guide for Parents to create a loving legacy

Assisting parents in building a strong emotional foundation for the family’s long-term well-being.
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📘 Unlock the Power of Emotions: Teach Your Children to Recognize and Thrive 🌟

Introducing our empowering workbook on “Emotions: How to Teach Our Children to Recognize Emotions.” 🧒🧒‍🦰🧒‍🦱

🌈 Why Teach Our Kids About Emotions: Emotional intelligence is a vital life skill. By teaching our children to recognize their feelings, we equip them to navigate life’s ups and downs with resilience, empathy, and self-awareness. It’s an investment in their future happiness and success.

📚 How We Learn When We Teach Them: As parents and caregivers, we embark on a shared learning journey. By guiding our children to understand their emotions, we deepen our own emotional intelligence. It’s a journey of growth and connection that strengthens the parent-child bond.

🌟 The Legacy We Create: By teaching our children about emotions, we leave a legacy of emotional well-being. We empower them to forge healthier relationships, embrace self-compassion, and thrive in a world that often challenges their emotions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with your child. Invest in our workbook and start creating a legacy of emotional intelligence and resilience today!

👉 Grab your copy now and watch your child flourish emotionally🌟

Recommended by Lisa Armele, School Psychologist

This is an amazing tool for parents, filled with practical ways to teach your children how to understand and express their emotions. I especially enjoyed the love language part, and the many examples Linda gave to help parents connect and show love to their children using their child’s own personal love language. This is a must have for any parent wanting to bring about positive change for generations to come.”


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eBook 1: Emotions A Loving Legacy 56 Pages

* Why we need to teach our children emotions

* Worksheet for Adults to identify what stops them teaching their children emotions

* How we can teach our children about emotions

* How to recognise your child’s love language

* How to connect with your child through their love language

* Emotional regulation for children

* Anxiety and Sensory based coping skills

* Extra sheets for working with emotions

* Bonus 16 Colouring Pages – good for emotional regulation

* BONUS eBook 2: Soothing Sensory Activities 19 Pages
  1. Strategies for Cultivating Self-Compassion as a CPTSD Parent/Caregiver
  2. The Importance of Consistency in Parenting and Its Impact on a Child’s Well-being
  3. Managing Your Triggers While Supporting a Child
  4. Sensory Calming Activities

* BONUS 2 – 56 Affirmation cards for Meditiation


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