Developing Healthy Boundaries

Understanding Boundaries in our personal life and how to apply them.
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As homeowners put up fences to protect their property, why not put up boundaries to protect yourself? Boundaries are essential to ensure that people don’t infringe on your rights and make you feel disrespected. Unfortunately, many people struggle to set healthy boundaries and may feel that doing so makes them a bad person.

Introducing “Developing Healthy Boundaries” – the ultimate guide I’ve created to help you set boundaries that protect your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

In “Developing Healthy Boundaries,” I’ll guide you through the key factors for setting boundaries. From defining boundaries and learning how to set them to exploring boundaries within different aspects of your life, including dating, family, and work.

A Sneak Peak of The Contents Inside This eWorkbook:

  1. Defining Boundaries: Understanding what boundaries are and why they’re important
  2. Why Setting Boundaries Can Be Difficult: Common challenges and how to overcome them
  3. Boundaries in Dating: Tips for setting boundaries in romantic relationships, including coming with non-negotiables, taking time apart, expressing yourself, and listening to your partner’s needs
  4. Boundaries and Family: Setting boundaries with family members, including boundaries in marriage and with kids

“Developing Healthy Boundaries” is the ultimate guide to setting boundaries that protect your wellbeing. By following the step-by-step guidance, you’ll be able to create boundaries that allow you to be better respected and create healthier, happier relationships with those around you.

What’s Inside the download:

✔️ Guided eBook split into 8 Sections with Worksheets for “Reflections” at the end of each section

✔️ Healthy Boundaries Ebook zip file for individual pages

✔️ Size A4


What’s Included In The “Developing Healthy Boundaries” eWorkbook:

Whilst Linda is a Complex Trauma Trained Certified Trauma Recovery Coach/Supervisor she is not a doctor or mental health professional readily available to you. This eworkbook is based on her own experiences and education and is not a replacement for any type of medical attention you may need.

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