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A Journal for People Wanting to Manifest their Dream Life
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If you’re feeling stuck in your life, lost your sense of purpose, and think that you no longer have anything to contribute to this world, I want to help you today!

Introducing the “Dream Life Journal” – this is the Ultimate “Build-Your-Own-Life Journal” that I use daily as a frame of reference, and now you get the chance to do the same. As a busy coach, practitioner, or individual, it is perfectly normal to lose sight of your life goals, your dreams & ambitions, and reach a place where you feel that there’s no coming back. That’s where the Dream Life Journal comes in – it’s a versatile and customizable template that includes some of the biggest life lessons that I’ve personally learned in my career as a Certified CPTSD Coach.

What To Expect In The Dream Life Journal:

  • Fully Editable & Customizable Canva Template
  • 16 pages of content Available in both US Letter & A4 Size
  • Worksheets & Action Plans to Visualize Where You Are Right Now to Where You Want To Be
  • Separate Action Plans for Your Work, Family & Leisure Time
  • Motivating Quotes & Helpful Advice from Myself
  • 📱Free Read/Write App – Use Pdf Filler for a free app
  • 🦋 Free Peer Support Group

Once purchased, your template will always be available to you, so you can come back at any time and continue editing.

Order your Dream Life Journal today and take the first step towards regaining Control of Your Life that you thought was once lost!

The Dream Life Journal is best for You if:

  • You are Bored & Frustrated with Your life
  • You constantly feel Overworked & Overwhelmed
  • You are ambitious but struggle to make progress in your current circumstances
  • You have an idea of what you want to do but don’t know how to get there
  • You don’t know what the next step is

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to take corrective measures. By using the Dream Life Journal, you will be able to turn-around that false sense of hope and renew your true self, get clarity on your life goals, and finally start working towards the “You” that you had envisioned from the very start.

Just remember! You’re not the only one to feel that way & you’re certainly not alone either. I’ve personally used the Dream Life Journal with many of my students & clients and all of them have experienced life-altering results like:

  • A renewed vision and sense of purpose.
  • Clarity towards unlocking new opportunities.
  • Better self-control and power over inner thoughts
  • Built routines that took them from a state of depravity to a state of abundance.

How to Use The Dream Life Journal:

  1. Purchase & Download the Journal
  2. Open the PDF and click the template link you want
  3. Load into Canva
  4. Edit, save, download, and print or upload your designs to your website or course portal
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Whilst Linda is a Complex Trauma Trained Certified Trauma Recovery Coach/Supervisor she is not a doctor or mental health professional readily available to you. This eworkbook is based on her own experiences and education and is not a replacement for any type of medical attention you may need.

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