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Raw & Real: Yesterday I got in my last Gym session until the Pandemic is over. I did ask could I duck in at 4.30am each day when no one was around, but the staff didn't buy into it.

Raw & Real: Smart Strategy during Change

Raw & Real: Yesterday I got in my last Gym session until the Pandemic is over. I did ask could I duck in at 4.30am each day when no one was around, but the staff didn’t buy into it.

So, how to manage the stress of trying to work out what the heck I was going to do ?

ESPECIALLY as I’ve just begun to nail all the things (I hope) that will help get rid of this medically induced weight. Talk about feeling like I could have lost my head over it all. I hate being overweight, and I hate it even more sometimes because I didn’t initiate it.

To finally find solutions and have part of it taken away…. Weeelllll… No, I didn’t go there. I’m better at solutions.

Nic and I had a chat about it as he’s been coming to gym 3 times a week as well. He suggested we go for a walk every morning as I’m at gym more mornings than not.

Me: But I get up at 4.30am to exercise.

Nic: Mum, how often have I said to you wake me up? (Lots) I’ll go with you.

Me. Ooooookkkkay Thinking to myself, we’ll see…

4.20am today arrives

Me: Nic, I’m going for a walk, are you coming?

Nic: Wakes up… looks at the time… said firmly “Mum, the time, it’s early.”

Me: I told you I was going early… and I’m thinking there’s no way he’s getting out of bed, it’s still dark outside.

Much to my surprise he gets up, and we start walking. He wasn’t actually complaining about the time we were going, he was worried I was going on my own. Awww, I never even stopped to think about it because I just need to do it for my health.

Half way around the rain came, and we walked in the rain, it was beautiful. I encourage you, no matter what the challenges are the changes can be good too. We spent some good, quality time together this morning before the sun even peaked through the clouds. We are going to have to make what will feel like an effort because it’s new to us.

Make the effort. Push through the barriers, don’t let your brain shutting down be a defining moment in this challenge. Rather, challenge your brain to get off shut down and start experiencing you are safe to make changes, safe to experience new things, safe to make different decisions because we can all be sure of one thing.

If we don’t make the effort our Mental Health will go backwards. That’s the nature of Complex Ptsd. We have to have consistent commitment to the changes we need. The good news is as we do have a consistent commitment we never go back to square one ever again.

Blessings and dreams,

Linda xo

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