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International Complex Trauma Association

Complex Trauma Trained Certification

Available now to ALL people currently working with clients presenting with complex trauma, a world class, world first Qualification for effectively working with Childhood Developmental Trauma in Adults using Practical Neuroscience and lived experience.

Weekly Study Session Now Available details inside Core Unit 1
You want something deeper, wiser, more aligned, and truly sustainable to support your clients as you assist them to spread their wings + soar to greater heights in their relationships, career and personal health.

Welcome to the World’s First Complex Trauma Training with lived experience  Based on Neuroscience the course will be Experiential for Professionals, Practitioners, Trauma Coaches and all who work with complex trauma clients.

You will learn and experience effective recovery for individuals who have Childhood Developmental Trauma and Intergenerational Trauma.

Why do you need to experience the recovery process too?

Complex Trauma clients need an emotionally safe foundation as their first step for effective recovery. They need to know with certainty we have applied our training in our life too. Without this certainty they will remain in recovery for a long time, too afraid to touch, to experience, what is happening internally for them. Interpersonal Neurobiology is powerful. With Therapists globally not trained in Complex Trauma clients are spending decades in talk therapy, and it does not work for complex trauma clients.

It’s normal for Complex Trauma individuals to be afraid to go within because their brain wiring, often impacted epigenetically and in utero plus their own developmental trauma, continues to unconsciously drive their trauma responses. We, as professionals, need to help them in session, and with homework out of session, to navigate their unique recovery pathway.

The key is through practical  neuroscience. Using the latest neuroscience for Complex Trauma we can implement practical, and effective, skills and strategies which aid the brain to recover. Integration of new experiences into daily life is also essential for the brain to create new neural pathways. Without recognising and changing our automatic, unconscious, brain driven behaviours and experiences we continue to respond in the same ways, leading to a decrease in health, choosing unhealthy relationships and not achieving our career/family dreams.

Complex Trauma Trained Certification - is it for you?

Are you working with Complex Trauma Clients?

Then you’re in the right place. This certification is for you.

Globally individuals are working with complex trauma clients without any formal complex trauma training because it has not been readily available in a practical, lived experience, effective for every different client format, until now. 

If you’re working with Complex Trauma clients you’ll know that every client with developmental trauma presents with different experiences, different impacts in their lives and different stages of recovery.

As Complex Trauma Coaches we need at our fingertips – 

  • Effective, practical help for each of the differences our clients present with. 
  • Personal, lived experience with Complex Trauma Recovery to provide the foundation of emotionally safety for clients – this is their first need.
  • A range of materials to give our clients options to choose from for their recovery. I once had to present 5 different infographics to a client before they found one to fit them and their personal recovery needs. 
  • A practical education in neuroscience and how to apply it as a coach.
  • Practical education with lived experience across a number of areas as effective Complex Trauma recovery requires both the education and the lived experience.

Complex Trauma Trained Certification

Professional Certification Details

Complex Trauma Certified Recovery Coach (CTCRC) – The Complex Trauma Certified Recovery Coach certification is open to all professionals, practitioners, trauma coaches and other professionals working with Complex Trauma clients who –

  • Want to pursue a deeper equipping and increased education of Complex Trauma and working with clients
  • Want to be equipped to work with childhood developmental trauma and intergenerational trauma using practical neuroscience techniques.
  • Work with clients who have experienced childhood developmental trauma/complex trauma


Professional Certification requirements

  • Meet certification requirements – 8 Core Units and your choice of Elective Units to meet a total of 78 CEUs, submit your portfolio, pass an exam with an 80% pass mark
  • Note: Each Core Unit and Elective Unit is allocated a number of CEU. You will need 78 CEU which is approximately 8 core units and 5 elective units. Check each units CEU to calculate your total needed.


Earning your Complex Trauma Certified Recovery Coach certification can be the next step in expanding your business to meet the unique needs of complex trauma clients.

Our Complex Trauma coaches  –

  • Work with more complex cases by developing next level training and skill development specifically for effective Complex Trauma recovery. 
  • Navigate their own effective Complex Trauma recovery with new skills, strategies, structure all based on practical neuroscience
  • Are trained to work in diverse ways with clients in private practice and/or in their employment.

This is a world class course, the first of its kind where coaches and mental health practitioners globally participate in the lived experience of recovery to authentically connect with complex trauma clients.

Every Unit is also a CEU – Continuing Education Unit

  • Every Unit operates as a continuing education unit.
  • Upon completion of the necessary course work you will be issued with a CEU certificate
  • CEU certificate can be used with the IAOTRC – International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches

What people are saying

Please Note: Reviews are from genuine clients who may choose for their identities to remain private.

Until we can speak openly about Mental Health with our family, friends and work colleagues their need for confidentiality is respected.

Expand Your Business

Opportunity to run your own specialised group on the Healing from Complex Ptsd Mighty Network, offer your clients their own App (social media free) and network with the entire professional community globally online

Client Appeal

Demonstrating to potential clients you have Complex Trauma specific education based on neuroscience and more education beyond current college education globally (university and college students are not trained in complex trauma)

Directory Listings

Being listed independently on  Healing from Complex Ptsd Complex Trauma Coaching Directory

Increase Your Income

Complex Trauma Trained Coaches are able to determine their income level to suit their own practice. They are able to create a passive income through developing their own products for their specific niche. Currently Therapists globally are not trained in Complex Trauma & you’ll discover the Coaching relationship is incredibly powerful for clients effective recovery.

Priority Referrals

Gain priority status for client referrals for individuals reaching out to Linda globally, specifically seeking Complex Trauma Trained Coaches with Developmental and Intergenerational Trauma.

Teaching Opportunities

Increase your opportunities to teach Complex Trauma Courses and develop the ability to earn passive income through courses and other products you create.

Coach Mentor

Experience working with Linda as your Coach Mentor as you develop your courses/products. We have a system built in to guide you through the process. Linda has many years experience and can help you refine your courses and get started.

Our Complex Trauma Trained Certification Units are available Globally & online 24/7 to best suit your Personal Schedule and specific Client needs.

Practical & Effective Neuroscience for
Complex Trauma Recovery

Are you ready to work with Individuals Globally?

The Complex Trauma Trained Certification is available 24/7 online, globally. No more having to do entire courses to get to the one Unit you need right now. No more having to attend classes and working out time zones and your availability.  If you are doing Certification, begin with Core Unit 1. If you are doing CEU you can choose to work on any Unit. Our Complex Trauma Trained Certification Units are available online 24/7  to best serve you and your clients.  

The Complex Trauma courses are taught by Linda Meredith CTRC-S, CTCRC-S, Counsellor.  Linda currently coaches clients globally, including psychologists and psychiatrists worldwide, administers the Thriver Individual and Professional Membership, runs a Complex Trauma Peer Support Group of 6.0k people with trained administrators, and continues studying the latest in Complex Trauma. You can discover Linda’s professional qualifications and current study here.

About Linda & Healing from Complex Ptsd

We're creating Generational Change

My Story

I spent decades seeking answers to questions I couldn’t even frame properly. I “knew” there was something wrong internally with me even though my life was externally fully functioning. I developed and taught My Authentic Self and other programs beginning 25 years ago. Then I experienced the total collapse of my life. Bedridden for 2.5 years I lost all my cognitive functions. I couldn’t walk unaided, couldn’t talk, eat or bathe without a full time carer. I had no memory of how to do the every day things like washing, cooking and cleaning. 

Fast forward to today where I coach clients globally, have the worlds first Complex Trauma Membership, run a  Peer support community of 6.0k and growing with a Team of 16 who are trained by myself and our Director. I have over 500 practical education videos on YouTube and my own recovery improves yearly. Complex Trauma can be healed, it takes time, education, experience and consistent dedication to healing our brain, body, psychology, sociology and spirituality where often the wounds are passed on unknowingly from generations before us.

My Mission

We are the generation, the first generation creating change from generations of trauma handed down to us. We are the first to say no more, and we are the first to consciously choose how we parent and interact with people in our lives.

As Complex Trauma Coaches we are at the coalface of helping clients identify what is happening for them internally and through neuroscience being able to offer effective recovery tools.

My mission is to educate, equip and empower Mental Health Professionals & Practitioners to assist clients with time and cost effectively recover from Complex Ptsd.

What is included in the Certification?

Complex Trauma Certification includes:

The Complex Trauma Certification will be issued  through the International Complex Trauma Association (I.C.T.A.)- by CEO Linda Meredith. Certifications can be used globally. I.C.T.A. accreditation is through the IAOTRC.

The certification is flexibly designed for all professionals and practitioners to be able to use. 

Certification requirements for is 8 Core Units and your choice of Elective Units to meet a total of 78 CEU. Each Core Unit and Elective contains 6 Modules for study, you then submit your portfolio, pass an exam with an 80% pass mark to complete a Core Unit/Elective.

Continuing Education:

Every Core Unit/Elective operates as a continuing education unit. Upon completion of the necessary course work you will be issued with a CE certificate.

Outcome: For Professional, Practitioners, Trauma Coaches and other Mental Health practitioners to become Complex Trauma Trained to provide Authentic, Time and Cost Effective Recovery for Individuals with Complex Trauma

Scope of Practice: Work Globally with Complex Trauma clients.

Start Date: Core Units/Electives are available online 24/7. There are no live classes to attend.

Time Commitment:

  • 6 hours per Unit 
  •  Homework integrated into your daily life.

Unit Inclusions:

Each Unit includes a variety of:

  • Practical Neuroscience and how to connect with your client and share the education they need. Information is delivered via a video recording and readable slide presentation for those whose preference is reading.
  • Practical client assessment tools and how we use them for Complex Ptsd
  • Client Homework Booklets as Canva templates (with optional homework pages) for use with clients plus the ability to personalised the homework booklet with your brand & colours. 
  • Questions you can ask your client to aid self reflection
  • Canva Social Media Templates to engage your online community & personalise with your own brand and colours
  • Effective client tools developed by Linda in her own practice plus tools from a vast array of professionals for you to explore.
  • Up to date Neuroscience from the latest information available
  • Ask Linda questions inside a purchased Unit 
  • CEU available for each unit. You can use the Units in the certification as part of your CEU’s for IAOTRC


  • 78 CEUs for Certification – 8 Core Units and your choice of Elective Units to meet a total of 75 CEUs
  • A Multiple Choice Test at the end of each Unit with an 80% pass 
  • A Portfolio: Unit Homework and Assessment sheets submitted to Linda for appraisal and feedback.

Cost: Each Unit will be $240 total cost $3120


  • available for Professionals, Practitioners, Trauma Coaches and other Mental Health Professionals working with clients who have experienced Complex Trauma
  • All mental health professional, practitioners and individuals are welcome to take singular units as suits their professional and client needs at any time.
  • You do not need to be working towards Certification to take a Unit 
  • CEU’s available for each unit for use with the IAOTRC
  • Book Recommendations: Throughout each Unit we explore different books for resources. I recommend you dig into the books aligned with your core niche or to expand the direction of your business. 

Platform: Healing from Complex Ptsd Mighty Networks. All students will be enrolled into the Mighty Networks platform where you will have instant access to your Unit of study, video transcriptions, homework sheets, templates for your clients and for your social media. Templates can be personalised with your brand name and brand colours.

Thriver Membership: Available now a Professional Library specifically for Complex Trauma clients homework. It includes an extensive library with specially designed complex trauma homework books, currently over 30 books, plus courses with homework books, plus links to multiple free resources to save you the time and money looking for what your client needs for homework. The library also includes: Social Media Templates, YouTube Infographics for your own YouTube channel or going live on social media, Client templates, Ebooks for CPtsd, Infosheets for clients, Workbooks, Infographics and more. All for use with clients for integrative homework and can easily be downloaded and emailed to them. For those who purchase a Unit in the certification your onboarding guide has a 50% discount for annual subscription.

Admin Basics 101: Need help getting your online business started? We’ve put together all the basic information you need to start your online coaching business.  You can see the Admin Basics 101 details here.

Instructor: Linda Meredith – all students will have access to Linda to ask questions throughout their Unit via the Healing from Complex Ptsd Mighty Network Platform.

Are you ready to expand your impact + the income of your business?

With increasing numbers of individuals recognising their Childhood Developmental Trauma and Intergenerational Trauma you are needed now, more than ever before. 

With the Complex Trauma Certification you can competently work globally with individuals from all walks of life.

Core Units

Certification requirements: 8 core subjects and your choice of elective subjects to meet a total of 78 CEUs.

Certification is available to professionals trained to work with clients i.e. trauma recovery coach, counsellor, psychologist, therapists.

Units can be used by anyone for CEU.8

Elective Units

Certification requirements: 8 core subjects and your choice of elective subjects to meet a total of 78 CEUs.

Certification is available to Mental Health professionals already trained to work with Mental Health clients i.e. trauma recovery coach, counsellor, psychologist.

Units can be used by anyone for CEU.


Elective One


Elective Two


Elective Three

Emotional Abuse

Elective Seven

Inner Critic

Elective Eight

Course Inclusions

Got a Question?


Feel welcome to email Linda linda@healingfromcomplexptsd.com if your question isn’t covered below.


The course is open to All  Professionals, Practitioners, Trauma Coaches, and other Mental Health professionals working with Clients who have experienced Childhood Developmental Trauma seeking to become complex trauma trained

For each Unit –

  • Watch the video or read the transcript.
  • Apply your knowledge through the set homework.
  • Complete your Unit Portfolio and email to Linda
  • Complete your Unit Test with an 80% minimum pass

Certification requirements are 8 Core Units and your choice of Elective Units to meet a total of 78 CEUs  

Certification is available to all Professionals, Practitioners, Trauma Coaches and other Mental Health Professionals working with Complex Trauma clients.

All Unit information is online with the Healing from Complex Ptsd Mighty Networks. You can access this 24/7 globally at your convenience. Test links are available in the course work, as are the templates.

The Certification is through the ICTA – International Complex Trauma Association. We have accreditation through the IAOTRC and will have accreditation through a number of complex trauma specific bodies. 

Currently there is no time limit due to the lived experience nature of the certification.

Yes, certification can be used to work with clients globally. 

Videos within each unit are broken up into time manageable intervals. Total time for videos will be no more than 6 hours. Homework is topic specific self reflection daily or topic specific work for working with client needs. Both will make up part of your portfolio. Homework will be no more than an hour a week.

No, we do not help clients process trauma memories. We work with clients in the here and now to transform their trauma in many different ways.

There are no set class times. You have access to all the material to fit it into your own time schedule. 

Yes, every unit has a variety of worksheets for clients to choose from, as every client has individual needs.