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“I want to be in the arena. I want to be brave with my life. And when we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked. We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time.” Brené Brown
Counsellor/Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith is a multigenerational trauma thriver who lost all her cognitive functions to undiagnosed complex trauma. She lost her ability to walk, talk, bathe, feed herself and needed a full time carer.

Today, as a Counsellor & Certified Trauma Recovery Coach & founder of the worlds first Trauma Recovery Academy, she works one-on-one and in group settings with survivors of Intergenerational physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual trauma. Offering an empathic, inclusive and compassionate space for clients, she focuses on developing practical and effective strategies for recovery based on the latest neuroscience for Trauma. Linda specialises in recovery from Addiction,  Abandonment, Dissociation, Anxiety and Depression and is passionate about us being the change our children and future generations need for ongoing Mental Health and Wellness.

FB Group Director


My name is Mel and I’m one of the Directors of Linda’s wonderful Healing from CPTSD group.
When I say that Linda knows her stuff, you best believe it.
I came into group about 4 years ago. I came in scared and angry at the world. Through healing and doing the hard work, I am now over 4 years alcohol free and I continue to help others in group by asking the harder questions for personal reflection and give individuals the option for a different perspective.
Being in group I’ve grown from not being able to talk to helping others find their unique voice and stepping up into the role of Director.  Group has helped me change my parenting focus and I can now advocate for myself and for my children in a very heathly, effective manner. I enjoy seeing members grow to their full potentional.
FB Group Director

Charlotte, after years in cognitive behavioural therapy, and being someone always searching for answers, she came across Linda’s YouTube videos and promptly  joined the FB group.

Charlotte attributes her rapid growth in her healing journey to finally being able to recognize some patterns in her life, which led to the discovery of a very large abandonment wound.

The discovery of her abandonment wound led to the beginning of her finding her authentic self. With a huge heart and a passion to help others, she accepted a lead position in the fb group.

Today, she is on a steadfast pace to heal and is eager to help others alleviate their struggles associated with Complex PTSD.

Admissions/Social Media


Joey met Linda at a time when she was unable to  leave her home due to the trauma from adverse childhood experiences.

As they worked together as client and coach, Joey took back her life and today she happily leaves the house without a second thought.

Growing in group behind the scenes Joey began to teach other team members how to run the backend of the fb group and is continuing to learn how to do the social media aspect of the fb group and Linda’s business social media.

Group Orientation Specialist

Jeri Verzijl

we’re looking forward to when our team expands

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we’re looking forward to when our team expands

Certified Complex Trauma REcovery

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Certified Complex Trauma REcovery Coaching

Coaching with Linda transforms your REcovery

Learn From Industry Leaders in Complex Trauma Recovery

Up to date Neurobiology and Psychology information applied in practical applications by Coaches who live the recovery journey to thrive. We ensure through continued training and research we can help you as an individual recover from the impacts of Trauma.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Techniques developed in house plus ongoing professional development to ensure we can help you gain the most out of our coaching and courses. We know your brain needs to have new experiences in your daily life to recover and we ensure your path includes specifically designed for Trauma recovery tools and techniques.

A results-driven approach to Complex Trauma Recovery

Have you spent years in recovery, in therapy, and still battle to achieve your personal recovery goals? We consult with you specifically to determine your recovery goals and to help you achieve them. Results happen when you are equipped with the essential tools needed for Trauma Recovery.


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