Thriver Membership

Resource Library for Professionals and Individuals

With a Thriver Membership, you’ll never again have to struggle with:

Finding Information

No more trawling the web for reliable information on complex trauma

Lost Time

From spending hours painstakingly crafting your own homework exercises, workbooks, journals, and session plans

Client Needs

Understanding how to address common issues associated with childhood developmental trauma, like relationship challenges, developing a sense of self, forgiveness, overwhelm and more

Business Templates

Finding tools and templates to streamline the marketing and business operations of your online coaching practice

Staying Well

Getting stuck in your healing journey because you can’t access high-quality support for your personal recovery


Finding experiential materials based on the neuroscience for complex trauma

Skills, Strategies and Tools for Affordable and Effective Complex Trauma Recovery


The Thriver Membership for Individuals and Professionals

Thriver was created by world-renowned Complex Trauma Recovery coach, Linda Meredith. Linda continues to create resources for Thriver with the support of the Healing From Complex PTSD Team 

Yes. You can use them for yourself and your clients. We cannot take clients where we haven’t been, you are encouraged to do the work too. Too many individuals are in therapy without help.

Yes you can use the materials after cancelling your membership. They can only be used for personal and client use only.

Yes, the materials are designed for you to use with clients and for your own personal use.

Each person’s needs and experience is different. You might find Thriver is enough to meet your recovery needs, but many people choose to also see a complex trauma coach.


Yes, you can upgrade anytime from your profile inside the Thriver Membership.