You know what this says to me, get out of my way; I am breaking free.

I think I have reached a point where I finally realise that I am not a robot and there are these things called emotions, that everything is not black and white, I can define the relationship I have with anyone, there is this thing called shame that holds me back and down and chokes the life out of me.

I never used to recognise the shame, it was a covert thing that was heavy, stopped me from feeling, stopped me from speaking, stopped me from asking.

Now I am getting braver, stronger, finding my own voice. I have realised I can heal and help others along the way. I realise that others can heal and help me along the way. And you know what, it is pure magic.

It does not always feel beautiful or comfortable but it is beautiful in its own way. The impact we have on others, and the impact they have on us is pure magic. We need to sprinkle that sh*t everywhere. I think that this is what resonates with me within this group that all of us have stuff we are experiencing and working through. We bring it here because it is safe, and in that moment I honestly feel that is where the magic lies.

So if you do nothing else today, say to yourself – I don’t care what other people think of me, I’m busy, I’ve got magical sh*t to do ❤

Tina Burt – Team Healing From Complex Ptsd


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