Our Team

Meet your Effective Complex Ptsd recovery Team. Everyone passionate about their role in providing global access to complex trauma recovery based on the neuroscience. Be sure to check back in and see as our team and industry leaders expands to bring you and your clients recovery.

Our Team began in Brisbane, Australia with Linda who is deeply passionate that no one should suffer for the decades she did with no effective recovery language or information. The healing from complex ptsd instagram page provides endless amounts of language helping thousands globally to understand what has happened to them.

Now our team is spread all over the globe!

Linda Meredith


Linda joins us from beautiful Brisbane, Australia and has lived in a few Australian states, both country and the city. 


Personal Assistant

Nika joins us from the Philippines.


Admin Director

Charlotte joins us from the American MidWest.


Admin Assistant

Joey joins us from the American Midwest.


SEO Marketing

Zane joins us from Pakistan.


CEO Sandwich Parenting

Sherry joins us from Canada.