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Linda's Professional Qualifications

  • Australia’s First Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
  • World’s First Advanced NPE trauma recovery coach
  • Australia’s First Supervisor Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
  • World’s first Complex Trauma Supervisory Trauma Recovery Coach
  • Founder of the Worlds First Complex Trauma Recovery Membership for Individuals
  • Founder of the Worlds First Complex Trauma Trained Certification for Trauma Coaches
  • Diploma Counselling – Specialising in Solution Focused Therapy/Art Therapy
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) with Janina Fisher
  • Certificate Treating Complex Trauma: Beyond Competency
  • Certificate: Toxic Shame
  • Certificate Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems
  • LivingWorks Start – Suicide Prevention

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If you have a specific question about Complex Ptsd and where to begin there is a free resource in the shop called Aces to Recovery. This will help you begin your recovery journey. 

We’re deeply sorry, presently Linda is unable to respond to Marketing, Sales, Podcast, Summit, Influencer Promotion and any other similar requests due to time constraints as she writes the world’s first experiential complex trauma trained certification.

Please note: before contacting Linda please ensure you are clear on what Linda can and can’t do right now. Despite this information she is still getting requests she can’t fulfill. As of 1st January, 2023 emails ignoring the information given here in regards to requests will no longer be responded to. We don’t like to do this, unfortunately, we’ve been left with no options.

Linda is unable to answer your personal questions via email due to the individual nature of Complex Trauma.

Complex Trauma coaching information can be found here.

At this time Insurance companies do not cover Complex Trauma Coaching

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Healing from Complex Ptsd

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Linda sees clients globally via zoom online, no in person consultations are available at this time. 

Let’s get to know one another…

Like you I went from being able to work and being a wife and mother to losing my health. I lost my cognitive functions. I couldn’t walk, talk, eat and bathe and lost my memory requiring me to have a full time carer plus I was medically mismanaged and spent over two and half years bedridden because no one knew of Complex Ptsd.

Now I devote my life to Complex Trauma education so we all can regain our health. Through developing specific programs for Complex Ptsd by combining my lived experience with recognised ongoing study you no longer have to spend decades being unwell.

You can recover and you can regain a quality life.

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Complex Ptsd & Recognising the Abandonment Wound

Self-abandonment cycle refers to a pattern of behavior where individuals neglect their own needs, emotions, and values in order to please others or to conform to societal expectations. This cycle can lead to feelings of low self-worth, depression, and anxiety.

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8 Signs of Abandonment Depression

I never believed that I have depression in the normal sense of what’s regarded as depression. I’m not somebody who’s walked around going, oh I’m depressed and I really feel it in my body. For me in the beginning the depression just used to knock me out. I’d be getting ready to go and exercise and I’d wake up with one gym shoe and suck on and go, what happened? There’s videos of all the things that I’ve done along the way to get to where I am today.

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The 5 domains of Post Traumatic Growth

It’s normal with complex trauma recovery for us to query what is my one next step? We often are aware of symptoms we’re experiencing and can be missing the language we need to move forward.

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Intergenerational Trauma

Intergenerational Trauma is also known as Transgenerational Trauma or historical trauma and relates to trauma being passed down from generation to generation. The following infographics and articles will explain how this happens. 

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Research Discovers Coaching on par with Therapy

A recent article on Psychology Today blog by Myra Altman Ph.D. discusses the peer-reviewed study just accepted for publication at the Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science.

The new research shows 58 percent of people who started care with symptoms of depression experienced clinical recovery after at least one session with a certified coach and saw a 76 percent increase in their well-being overall.

These findings build upon our previous published research showing the more sessions people participated in, the more their well-being improved.

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