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We’re a Global Community dedicated to taking responsibility to shape our future despite our Childhood being filled with ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences). We are committed to the process of a healthy, effective recovery and willing to do the hard work to be the first generation using Science and Soul to recover. 

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Certified Complex Trauma REcovery Coaching

Coaching with Linda transforms your REcovery

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Break the Cycles

Practical, easy to understand and relate to, science and soul based programs to break the cycles of Complex Ptsd happening in your daily life.

Regain your Mental Health

Techniques developed in house through personal and professional experience. Specifically designed for effective Complex Trauma recovery to move us into good Mental Health.

Goodbye to Overwhelm

Learn how to break free from the Overwhelm and get your life, your relationships, your health back on track.


Ask questions inside your course and connect with other course partipants. Connect with other individuals determined to break the generational cycles of Complex Ptsd.

Learn From Industry Leaders in Complex Trauma Recovery

Up to date Neurobiology and Psychology information applied in practical applications by Coaches who live the recovery journey to thrive. We ensure through continued training and research we can help you as an individual recover from the impacts of Trauma.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Techniques developed in house plus ongoing professional development to ensure we can help you gain the most out of our coaching and courses. We know your brain needs to have new experiences in your daily life to recover and we ensure your path includes specifically designed for Trauma recovery tools and techniques.

A results-driven approach to Complex Trauma Recovery

Have you spent years in recovery, in therapy, and still battle to achieve your personal recovery goals? We consult with you specifically to determine your recovery goals and to help you achieve them. Results happen when you are equipped with the essential tools needed for Trauma Recovery.

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