Do you have or have you developed a Sense of Self? The likelihood of you having developed a Sense of Self if you experienced Childhood Developmental Trauma is negligible. Why? As we grow up in our toxic, dysfunctional family’s we are so busy being what and who every one else needs us to be and/or being who we had to be to stay safe, or feel safe, we never had the opportunity to develop into our own self.

I can’t begin to relay the impact this has had on my life, the list above definitely defines it really well. All of those things were once my life. The hardest part of all was I didn’t know these things were part of my life. I truly believed I was going through life being the creator of my destiny and consciously choosing who and what I would have in my life.

Two divorces later and losing all my cognitive functions etc I realised there had to be something I just didn’t know about. Once I began studying the neuroscience and trauma it brought so much to light I didn’t know was impacting my choices from an unconscious and automatic place in my brain. Developing a Sense of Self leads into to being able to determine whether it’s our adult self or our trauma self – the unconscious, automatic responses, as Dr Janina Fisher says “our living legacy” making the decisions that will impact our life going forward.

This eworkbook includes the essentials for developing a Sense of Self. I highly recommend you speak with a professional as you grow through this process. It’s vital you know you are not alone. Another option is to join our Free Peer Support group on Facebook and be part of the conversation, share what you’re learning, ask questions you need answered, thereby experiencing a compassionate community. Something most of us did not experience growing up.

Are you ready to begin to Develop your Sense of Self today?

Complex Ptsd eWorkbook:  Developing a Sense of Self – 68 pages


What’s included in this package

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eWorkbook: Developing a Sense of Self is A4 in size and 68 pages long.

Included are the following information pages and relevant integrative homework eworksheets ~

  • How to have an Authentic Recovery
  • How to work with your Trauma Recovery Coach/Therapist
  • Self Reflection: How it Works and Why it’s vital for ComplexTrauma Recovery
  • What is a Sense of Self
  • How we identify a Sense of Self
  • The impact of Complex Trauma on our Sense of Self
  • Complex Trauma the Living Legacy
  • Why we have questions for self reflection
  • Personalised Questions for developing a Sense of Self
  • The Prefrontal Cortex
  • Identifying when the Prefrontal Cortex isn’t engaged
  • Building daily awareness of the Thinking Brain
  • Overcoming Triggers & Building Resilience against the Unconscious Response.
  • Triggered! How to release the brain from the survival response
  • Affirmations for Brain Stem Recovery
  • Identifying your Core Values
  • How to make a values based decision
  • How to make decisions

All Modules contain integrative  homework which is vital for effective complex trauma recovery.

Whilst Linda is a Complex Trauma Trained Certified Trauma Recovery Coach/Supervisor she is not a doctor or mental health professional readily available to you. This workbook is based on my own experiences and education and is not a replacement for any type of medical attention you may need.

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