Hello and welcome! I’m Linda and it’s my sincere joy you have found your way here. Complex Trauma recovery, up until now, can be one of the most incredibly lonely, frustrating and time consuming paths in life. I don’t want it to be that way for you. I literally lost all my cognitive functions (couldn’t walk, talk, eat, bathe without a full time carer) because no one understood what was happening for me. Or, more to the point, no one knew why my health kept getting worse. None of it made any sense.

I know how it feels to have tried therapy and not progressed into a healthy life. I know what it’s like to feel so alone because you can’t put words to what is happening for you, and everyone around you thinks you’re the most capable of all the people they know. I know what it’s like to be a mum and want change, want a different life for your children. I know what it’s like to have to make the harder decisions in life. And I know what it’s like to start winning the health battle and to raise those children into a healthy adulthood. And have them thank you for all the hard decisions you made, even when family didn’t believe in you or support you. I’ve walked those hard yards too. My heart is for you to have a recovery that is time and cost effective and produces real results.

This Individual Membership is different to anything else you’ll find online. I’ve not only lived it, I studied and continue to study, how to heal from complex trauma. The membership is different as you are going to be able to know what to look for in your recovery, instead of having to wait years for you to identify what is happening for you. Being raised in dysfunctional, toxic family’s for generations means we literally have no resources to draw on for our recovery PLUS we have been effected neurologically, psychologically, biologically, spiritually and at a soul level.

The Individual Membership will show you hope as you discover all the things your brain is driving, and what keeps your soul and spirit from thriving into life. I had tried so many things to heal for decades. I had done inner child work, and so much more, but it wasn’t until I studied the neuroscience that all the pieces began to come together. From there I’ve developed my own healing approach to complex trauma and use it with my clients. Now, you can have access to it all as well.

You can make your way through each of the courses at a pace that suits you. Each course has multiple weeks of information and the essential ebooks for integration into your daily life. Yes, you can do this all self directed or work with a trauma recovery coach and/or therapist. It’s totally up to you. For me, I’ve done a lot of the work on my own and seek professional help when I need it. I know you will understand what you need at any given point in time.

In the beginning the fear used to make me hesitate to do anything. The frustrating part about the fear is it’s a learned habit from childhood to keep us safe and in survival mode. You may find as you choose to join the individual membership you feel overwhelmed. That’s okay, it’s new, and the brain doesn’t understand you’re safe to make the decision just yet. If you need help with the emotional overwhelm, this article will give you insight and a way through.

Are you ready to discover Effective Complex Ptsd recovery with courses, masterclasses, ebooks, an Individual Complex Ptsd Library and more!


Individual Membership Includes: 

All Access Pass to Effective Recovery Courses, Masterclasses, Ebooks & Homework Sheets including new material added frequently

√ All courses and masterclasses contain video instructions and integrative homework workbooks. Transcriptions are currently being done for all courses and masterclasses.

Unlimited Downloads on all Products for Members only

New Complex Trauma products added each month. These can include new worksheets, new ebooks, and much more!

Video Library for Complex Trauma Recovery

Ebooks for Trauma Recovery

Units full of Practical Recovery Information for Individuals

Offline Viewing

Individual Membership Library with Integrative Homework Booklets

Bonus Complimentary Peer Support Groups 

Free App, Free Pdf viewer

Community Conversation inside the Courses

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