Do you lose track of what you’re doing or lose focus constantly? Does depression wear you out and you’ve tried everything else you can to be well? Do you just want to get even one thing done during the day, yet inside of you there’s a conspiracy happening. You just can’t get out of bed, off the coach, into the shower or do the dishes. I hear your frustration loud and clear!

Recently I discovered I had a set of “new” symptoms appear and I was devastated. I sobbed deeply into the kleenex because no matter how hard I had tried I couldn’t stop falling asleep, couldn’t get the washing done, kept forgetting to shower until the last minute, and food. Well, I’d go hours without eating and not even realise it until I started getting headaches.

My memory was terrible! I drew up a sheet of the main things I had to remember each day to check, and once that sheet was the only thing I had to remember to look at each day, and I could do that, I became aware how I couldn’t focus and get things done. So began my research into why I just couldn’t make my days happen, and why I had around 20 + ebooks waiting to be finished.

Then I discovered Dopamine, and how the lack of it because of Complex Trauma from Childhood Developmental Trauma can impact our lives. Next came the Catch 22. Due to the CPtsd I’d never been able to see all these symptoms because the unresolved trauma in my body, brain, soul and spirit hid them from me. 

I realised if I’d had a book where I knew where to look and what to look for I’d have been able to get help many, many years ago. Hence why I’ve put this workbook together for you. It’s a very simple tool for you to be able to take notice of what is happening in your daily life, tick from the list of symptoms if you noticed them happening that day, and make notes. Why? Because then you will have the solid evidence you need for your primary care physician, G.P., Trauma Recovery Coach, Therapist to get any help you may need.

We need the evidence so we can speak clearly to professionals to get the help we need for recovery. Dopamine is vital for us to be able to get our essentials done and keep track of where we are headed, to help us regulate what’s happening for us internally and be able to choose how we spend our time. And that’s just the basics


What’s included in this package

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This is a listing for a digital .pdf you can print out at home or fill-in and save with the free read/write instructions listed in the workbook. Literally take it with you wherever you go.

Workbook: Dopamine Deficiency?  34 Pages

Included are the following information pages and relevant worksheets ~

  • Looking for answers
  • How To Use the Workbook 
  • Brief daily checklist 
  • Weekly checklist & notes 
  • International Chat Lines

You’re only question is Am I Ready to Unpack my one next step?

I love it! Plenty of information and it walks you easily through how to determine, with your healthcare provider, if you could be suffering from too much or too little Dopamine! Love it! C.T. Illinois, America

I am not a doctor or mental health professional readily available to you. This workbook is based on my own experiences and education and is not a replacement for any type of medical attention you may need.

This is a digital product. Do not distribute it or use commercially. If you’d like to use it for your clients you can email me

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