Daily Inspiration

Grab a Coffee and jump into some Daily Inspiration for

Complex Ptsd Recovery. 

You can use the information for self reflection, journalling and to

nail down your one next step!

What is One Next Step?

My one next step in my healing recovery journey always involves me researching and learning more about what is stopping me from achieving good health, from functioning at my fullest capacity. Once I have information I either then design a new program to work on to heal, implement new strategies or structures or learn a new skillset. Yes, all of this to take one next step because Complex Ptsd is, well, complex.


You will find below lots of meme’s with information and infographics all related to Complex Ptsd recovery, all of them I either designed or was inspired to write AND also other  people’s work who is inspirational in this field.  Don’t hesitate to ask your Certified Trauma Recovery Coach or Therapist for more information. We’re all on a steep learning curve being the first generation with this information.


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Healing from Complex Ptsd - Effectively Navigating One Next Step

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