Masterclass: Overcoming Nightmares

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From Triggered to Tranquil

Before our eyes even open we are terrified. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe, other times we awake in a pool of anxiety induced perspiration, and yet others we are literally frozen in place, afraid if we open eyes all the parts of the nightmare will be fully present in our own, normally safe, bedroom. Then, to compound the terror even more, we find ourselves having to live with being triggered all day.

I remember waking from one Trauma inducing Nightmare and saying to myself, as the sheer terror froze my body to the bed, “I’ve had enough.” I was literally fed up with losing so much of my day because the terror from the nightmare wouldn’t leave me. Jumping at the slightest noise, walking around with a smile plastered on my face, you know, our mask we wear, and finding myself completely exhausted by the end of the day, I felt like there was no way I could manage to cook dinner. 

Have you noticed this too? How we carry the effects of the nightmare

Whether we like them or not Nightmares can definitely be a part of our recovery. Why? Because our body and our brain have stored memories and emotions we couldn’t process at a young age begin to come out, to want to be released. Now we’re adults and learning how to manage our lives, learning the Complex Ptsd language, learning how to feel safe in our body, our body and brain begin to let go of the bubbles of fear, the bubbles of energy, that we have literally carried since the moment we took them onboard.

Material Includes

  • 1 video with Complex Trauma and Nightmare
  • EducationBonus Video: The Neurobiology of Why Grounding isn’t working for You
  • 1 Ebook Manual with instructions with 3 weeks worth of Transformation – 40 pages
  • Package includes instructions for personal use and how to work with a Mental Health Practitioner
  • 1 Pdf Printout for Overcoming the Nightmare Trigger
  • 1 set of Professional Slides for Learning & Teaching
  • Bonus Pdf Printout: Grounding Technique

What Will I Learn?

  • Stop losing days of productivity due to the fog from the nightmare trigger and return to living your daily life
  • Why Grounding isn’t working for Complex PTsd
  • How to overcome the nightmare trigger

Video Topics For This Course

2 Lessons



Target Audience

  • Individuals wanting to break free from the impacts of Nightmares driven by Complex Ptsd
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