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The impact of Childhood Emotional Abuse is silent and inescapable, its ongoing destructive nature and cost passed down for generations, the cost of its impact on our relationships and health has been unforeseen. WE must be the change.

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Those around you Devalue you, have you doubting your own character, emotions and thoughts. You’ve experience being put down and question your own sanity, called a drama queen, didn’t have an emotional education growing up nor have your emotions validated in your family of origin. You can feel emotionally numb, have lacked deep emotional connections in adulthood and wonder why this is, dissociation can happen unexpectedly. Your heart longs for healthy connections and real answers to your internal feeling of there being a hole inside of you can’t fill and it doesn’t stop aching.


You can look back and see your Family of Origin provided no healthy context for relationships and into adulthood you’ve chosen unsafe people to be in relationships with no matter how hard you tried to make sure this didn’t happen. Adult relationships have lacked emotional depth even when you’ve tried to explain what you need. Over time you’ve stopped trying to explain what is happening for you internally as words didn’t cover the internal chaos. You’ve lost friends and relationships, isolated because it felt the safest place and convinced yourself this is a normal way for you to live your life.

The long term effects on our body and brain from emotional abuse can include, but are not limited to, the following – depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, loneliness, our brain develops differently causing cognitive distortions, lack of social skills, lack of self worth/self value, migraines, indigestion, stomach ulcers and chronic disease) disorders, poor health due to risky behaviours, suicidal ideation, increased chances of a toxic relationship thereby a decrease in health due to an overload of stress. For me I also developed Epilepsy at age 15 with no family history.

My Story in the Making re Emotional Abuse It’s taken me many years of consciously working recovery to arrive at such a deep physical awareness of how much I’ve denied my deepest of emotions and needs. Last night I began to put this beautiful module together, went to bed and woke up triggered to the degree my body was just letting everything go. I was terrified but excited all at the same time. Finally, after a full day of creative work and choosing to consciously focus on what was happening for me internally, the break through and the incredible understanding I’ve needed for decades has arrived. I, like many of you, was a child not planned for, conceived out of wedlock and depending which parent you listened to the circumstances surrounding my conception wasn’t the stuff of a Disney movie. I thought conception was the beginning of my life, but it turned out my maternal great grandmother abandoned her four daughters, my grandmother didn’t love my mother (probably the only thing they both agreed on), and the repressed emotions my mother had impacted her ability to mother me and ultimately cost her her life.

My mum never spoke about how she felt towards her mum re her childhood nor her experiences until a matter of weeks before she died. Finally, she was able to tell me a little bit of the emotional pain she’d carried for decades and we both wept together knowing it was too late to change her ill health. For me, my parents married, had another child shortly after me, then things went progressively downhill into divorce. The trauma passed down on both sides of the female line in my family hit me as the 5th generation on both sides. My mother wasn’t able to acknowledge me, I parented my younger sibling from an early age, I gained an abandonment wound around 4 when my entire family disappeared overnight and no one would talk about where my mum was and if I was likely to see her again. My family didn’t like talking about emotions, and my paternal grandmother had an unspoken rule that if I got emotional I had to pull myself together and not talk about it. I loved her and I loved my mum, but it was tough yards. The challenge with all of these unseen wounds and their impact is we are the first generation to have the scientific evidence to back it all up that our health is severely impacted. The good news is we can do the work to reverse and not pass on, what was handed onto to us. And we must do our work to break the cycles of the toxic generations who have preceded us.

I have spent decades trying to understand what it was that I didn’t understand in relation to my mum and I. Tonight, I understand that I’ve worked hard to have the courage to face the long held onto emotions in my heart of needing my mum to see me, to acknowledge my existence and to know that I matter. As an adult I can now gift myself all of these AND I can gift all of these to my children and grandchildren. There is nothing logical about the depths of our emotions even when we seek to put them in an order. Genuine, authentic love is messy and genuine authentic love carry’s with it everything from like to dislike, but the depths of love bind us together as a family. Even though I wasn’t the perfect mum by any stretch of the imagination, we’ve made it into adulthood loving each other despite our differences. We’ve made it through because we choose to love and communicate, to care and laugh, to call each other out on challenging behaviour, to modify, to speak the sometimes ugly truths, and to shed tears of joy and tears of sadness, together. This work, this brave hearted work, is not for the feint of heart. It’s for the Conscious Warriors who are determined to break the cycles of toxicity handed down. We know the buck stops with us.

What You’ll Learn

This Course will Feature Lessons On

Module 1. Emotional Numbing

Module2. Developing a Self Monitoring Practice

Module 3. When Does the Pain Stop?

Module 4. CPtsd & Loneliness

Module 5. Emotional Overeating

Module 6: How to Develop Emotional regulation

Module 7: How to Identify our Inner Critic

Digital Manuals

Emotional Abuse Recovery

Online Course Contents for recovery from Emotional Abuse

  • Course contains 7 Video Tutorials and 7 Digital Manuals for charting your Emotional Abuse Recovery
  • Watch 1 video per week and complete the Digital Manual as you integrate the knowledge and personal awareness into your daily life to help you break free from the repetitive cycles
  • Can be used with or without a Mental Health professional.
  • All instructions are contained in the Digital Manual
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