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Depression doesn’t get the last say in our lives, we do. We can return to our social life, we can say yes to a healthy life and we can break free from the depression trigger and enjoy our lives with purpose.


When we reach a certain place in our recovery journey where we’ve done a lot of work around our emotions, emotional regulation, and yet Depression still hits us out of nowhere, sidelining us for days at a time, what is going on?

I needed to ask this question because I was literally losing hours, sometimes days at a time of productivity. I was experiencing days at a time without realising I hadn’t showered, hadn’t eaten, and none of it made sense. Feeling good inside of myself, knowing my purpose and living it, yet unconsciously my internal system was sabotaging my recovery.

So, I did the research. Did you know Depression is a trigger in our brain, like the Anxiety trigger? No? Neither did I. Once I unpacked all the information I began to break free from the depression trigger. Not only have I regained days of productivity I’ve also been able to now recognise when the depression trigger happens.

By being able to recognise when the depression trigger happens I can take action and not lose hours of productivity. 

And the best news? I created an Emergency Plan. A check list of actual symptoms I can refer to daily to ensure I’m remaining on track and not losing time to the subtle effects of the Depression Trigger.

Available now in the comfort of your own home.

Material Includes

  • 3 Videos on Separate Areas of Depression
  • 1 Handout for Early Detection of the Depression Trigger
  • 1 Handout for breaking free from the Depression Trigger

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the Depression Trigger
  • Understand the Depression NeuroEducation
  • Understand The Emotional Neglect Wound
  • Become Equipped to Reverse the Trigger
  • Become Equipped to identify when the Depression happens

Video Topics For This Course

3 Lessons

Depression Masterclass




Target Audience

  • Individuals wanting to break free from the impacts of Depression driven by Complex Ptsd

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