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Come and enjoy learning how to work effectively with clients who present with Complex Trauma.

In this third unit we’ll discover the impact of Complex Trauma on the Heart Brain. We’re going to discover the functions of the heart brain and how we can help our clients understand what has happened for them plus ways to begin engaging the heart brain into their daily life again. I enjoyed discovering how the heart brain responds before our head brain and the implications this has for us in adulthood.

Then we move onto our Mother and Father wounds, their impact in our lives in childhood and adulthood and how we can practically assist our clients in the most gentle way possible to begin approaching their recovery journey in these two specific areas. Included is a set of graphics to help clients wrap their mind around and deeply understand the mother wound plus how it continues to get passed on intergenerationally.

The Father Wound module will specifically look at what will help clients recognise a father wound, how it manifests in their life and further explore the unconscious father wound carried for many generations by sons. Included are professional infographics and slides for clients to use in their self reflection and recovery journey, to give them language and how to break free into the full, heart felt life they desire to live. 

Interpersonal boundaries are vital for navigating our relationships, initially with family members, as we head into effective recovery. Clients need to know what they are in real life, what they will look like and how to use them for an effective recovery in each area of their life. We explore physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and sexual boundaries and working towards implementing them effectively. 

For clients, and us, the thought of saying no can be terrifying due to not having any power in our childhood. Before we can say no we first need to understand what becoming assertive is, and isn’t. We need this to build our confidence and ease into trusting our ability to make a decision for the future direction of our relationships and our ability to say no and implement boundaries.

We then complete this unit with a powerful understanding of Peer to Peer Support combined with Complex Trauma Coaching. How it brings to our complex trauma coaching a deeper understanding, and thereby ability too, walk with our Peers AND provide the essential information they need to take effective steps in their recovery journey. 

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All units are designed for anyone working with Complex Ptsd clients. You can use an individual Module as CE, or you can work towards the Complex Trauma Certified Recovery Coach certificate. Details available here.

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