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Come and enjoy learning how to work effectively with clients who present with Complex Trauma.

In this second unit we’ll discover the impact of Complex Trauma and the Gut Brain, how we help our clients develop the awareness needed to begin to change the unconscious, automatic responses happening. We explore how powerful interpersonal neurobiology is as a Complex Trauma Coach and how we assist our clients with this powerful tool for their recovery journey.

We explore the Triangle of Wellbeing and River of Integration in a practical way to help our complex trauma clients navigate the information and implement new skills and strategies for their individual recovery journey.

One of our challenges as Complex Trauma Recovery Coaches is every complex trauma client is different and has different recovery needs. We discover how we can use professional theory’s and adapt them to work for complex trauma clients. Plus I’ve put together nearly 50 slides and growing for you to have open beside you as you coach. This helps you navigate healthy discovery questions with ease, and have questions to help clients determine an area they would like to growth in. 

Moving into specific areas of recovery we look at how to work with inflexible thinking, cognitive distortions and developing a sense of self. All necessary components of effective complex trauma recovery. Plus we have 2 new eBooks to help throughout a clients recovery journey – Developing a Sense of Self and Strokes of the Mind which contains self soothing techniques, Colouring Sheets and Worksheets.

Plus 6 Templates with six weeks of Homework Books for clients you can adapt to have your own business name and branding. Saving you time looking for ideas and effective processes for your clients. It’s all at your fingertips, and you can issue client homework easily. 

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Who is the course for?

All units are designed for anyone working with Complex Ptsd clients. You can use an individual Module as CE, or you can work towards the Complex Trauma Certified Recovery Coach certificate. Details available here.

Learning Path

Video 30 Min  + 10 Min reading to complete

Video 30 Min  + 10 Min reading to complete

Video 30 Min  +10 Min reading to complete

Video 30 Min  + 10 Min reading to complete

Video 30 Min  + 10 Min reading to complete

Video 30 Min  + 10 Min reading to complete

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