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About Linda

Linda Meredith is the founder of Healing from Complex Ptsd, Owner of the Worlds First Complex Ptsd Membership, Australia’s first Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and the world’s first Advanced NPE Certified Trauma Recovery Coach.

Linda is part of the new generation of Mental Health Consultants who study extensively AND have genuine, lived experience. This makes for a unique educational experience. Linda understands what Mental Health Professionals need to effectively help their clients with Complex Trauma, and she also understands the needs of individual clients having recovered from a complete loss of cognitive functions and needing a full time carer.

Passionate, Innovative and Effective in the Complex Trauma Recovery field she coaches individuals globally, gives international seminars to hundreds from her desktop and spends spare time developing effective new products for complex ptsd based on the latest in Neuroscience. She adores her 3 adult children, her gorgeous granddaughter and rescued Manx Panda, coffee with her besties and binging Netflix. She doesn’t enjoy gym but can be found there often to help heal her brain from intergenerational trauma.

Please Note: Links to the Free Resources, Paid Options, Store Front, Professional Certification can all be found on this page ~ Navigation Links

If you have a specific question about Complex Ptsd and where to begin there is a free resource in the shop called Aces to Recovery. This will help you begin your recovery journey. 

We’re deeply sorry, presently Linda is unable to respond to Marketing, Sales, Podcast, Summit, Influencer Promotion and any other similar requests due to time constraints as she writes the world’s first experiential complex trauma trained certification.

Please note: before contacting Linda please ensure you are clear on what Linda can and can’t do right now. Despite this information she is still getting requests she can’t fulfill. As of 1st January, 2023 emails ignoring the information given here in regards to requests will no longer be responded to. We don’t like to do this, unfortunately, we’ve been left with no options.

Linda is unable to answer your personal questions via email due to the individual nature of Complex Trauma.

Complex Trauma coaching information can be found here.

At this time Insurance companies do not cover Complex Trauma Coaching 

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Healing from Complex Ptsd

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