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About Linda

Linda Meredith is the founder of Healing from Complex Ptsd, Owner of the Worlds First Complex Ptsd Membership, Australia’s first Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and the world’s first Advanced NPE Certified Trauma Recovery Coach.

Linda is part of the new generation of Mental Health Consultants who study extensively AND have genuine, lived experience. This makes for a unique educational experience. Linda understands what Mental Health Professionals need to effectively help their clients with Complex Trauma, and she also understands the needs of individual clients having recovered from a complete loss of cognitive functions and needing a full time carer.

Passionate, Innovative and Effective in the Complex Trauma Recovery field she coaches individuals globally, gives international seminars to hundreds from her desktop and spends spare time developing effective new products for complex ptsd based on the latest in Neuroscience. She adores her 3 adult children, her gorgeous granddaughter and rescued Manx Panda, coffee with her besties and binging Netflix. She doesn’t enjoy gym but can be found there often to help heal her brain from intergenerational trauma.

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Please fill out + submit the form below to get in touch. Please use this form for general inquiry’s or messaging purposes only. Bookings can be made on the Trauma Coaching tab. I see clients globally online, not in person.

    You’re ready for things to feel easy—and good.

    I understand. I hear you. I see you. Your Trauma is valid. The impact from past abuse and neglect is alive inside of you today, here, now. I see your struggle to maintain your external sense of togetherness as your internal world wants to crumble. I’ve lived it and I lost it all, twice. 

    I hear you questioning why can’t I just adult? Why can’t the past just be over and done with? Why can’t I get a good nights sleep? How can I stop this anxiety when it’s “not me?” When will this depression lift? Why do my relationships always end? How can I break this cycle for my children?

    Are you ready for the good news? Are you ready to take action? Complex Trauma Recovery is possible, even when you need an individual road map. 

    Are you Ready to thrive?

    Thriver Membership

    Learn From Industry Leaders in Complex Trauma Recovery

    Up to date Neurobiology and Psychology information applied in practical applications by Coaches who live the recovery journey to thrive. We ensure through continued training and research we can help you as an individual recover from the impacts of Trauma.

    Learn at Your Own Pace

    Techniques developed in house plus ongoing professional development to ensure we can help you gain the most out of our coaching and courses. We know your brain needs to have new experiences in your daily life to recover and we ensure your path includes specifically designed for Trauma recovery tools and techniques.

    A results-driven approach to Complex Trauma Recovery

    Have you spent years in recovery, in therapy, and still battle to achieve your personal recovery goals? We consult with you specifically to determine your recovery goals and to help you achieve them. Results happen when you are equipped with the essential tools needed for Trauma Recovery.

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