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What We're All About

We are a team of Individuals all devoted to working within our zone of excellence to continue helping all those who stand in need of connection throughout their recovery journey. We do this in a variety of ways. Always learning, loving and laughing to create an emotionally safe environment for ALL.

Connection IS Vital

We are firm believers that the most important factor for effective change is genuine connection. When we are seen, heard, understood and cared for it brings hope into the lonely spaces  lying within us.

From hope we know all things become possible for each individual to rise and experience their unique, purpose driven life. We work together to ensure you experience a collaborative and dynamic space. It’s not about having someone tell you exactly what to do and we definitely don’t sit in waiting for the unknown solution to appear.

In our  personal experiences recovery is most effective when we work together in a caring and non judgemental space to discover strategies and structure, the language, the education, and equipping that will empower you to regulate, to heal, and grow so you leave feeling empowered and with the ability to implement lasting change.

Linda Meredith CTRC-S, CTCRC-S

Healing from Complex Ptsd

Our Vision

Who We Are

“It is impossible for anyone to learn what they think they already know.”

Slowly but surely over the years we’ve gathered together as a team. Individually we have a common heart to see no one person walk this recovery journey alone. We truly believe #togetherwecan #onenextstep

Long before there was information about Complex Ptsd we began as an Anxiety group for local women on Facebook. Over time as the science, the neuroscience and the psychology of trauma began to trickle into the mainstream we began to notice those of us willing to do the work. Those who had a thirst for learning, for doing, for transforming our ill health into positive relationships, healthy career lives and adamant we will be the change our children and grandchildren need. We literally began to grow from a local mums group to a global group where ALL are welcome. The basis of our group is emotional safety as it is the essential initial need of all trauma survivors. We make no apologies for keeping all who join us in a safe place to explore what recovery means for us and what we need as individuals to take our one next healthy step. We acknowledge daily it’s never easy AND we will always seek to have the courage to be the change generations after us need now.