Complex Trauma Certified Recovery Coach Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy can be found on this page

Healing from Complex Ptsd complete Consumer information including Privacy policy, General Terms, Disclaimers are found on this page

What you can Expect from the Complex Trauma Certification

A curriculum of information, exercises and homework

Certification on Healing from Complex Ptsd Mighty Networks 

A cohort of fellow students on Mighty Network

Information for Practical Coaching experience

Confidentiality when sharing your personal information

Free Peer Support Groups on Facebook 

Welcome pack for every Core Unit 

Open and honest accountability for any conflict resolution

What is Expected from You

Confidentiality when other students share their personal experiences

That you will encourage and support your fellow students

No identifying factors of clients are to be used

Read/watch the course material

Complete Homework

Complete Practicum 

Take the Certification exam for each Unit

Support Services

If you need extra support and guidance with class you can tag Linda in the Mighty Networks Unit you’re studying by @lindameredith and ask your question. Linda will answer within 48 hours.

You can schedule an appointment with Linda at the discount supervisory rate of $75 – normally $125

You can email Linda – linda@healingfromcomplexptsd

Refer to your welcome for more support ideas

Copyright Protection

All materials provided to you are the intellectual property of Linda Meredith and Healing from Complex Ptsd. You may not use them for your own commercial purposes. You can use them in your business as directed inside the certification. Any material used for teaching from other individuals must only be used with their written permission. It is not for commercial use.

Code of Ethics

Students are expected to abide by the Healing from Complex Ptsd code of ethics at all times. Failure to uphold the code of ethics can be grounds for dismissal from the certification. This would not happen unless there were extreme circumstances where conflict resolution had failed.

Right to Revoke Enrollment

Linda Meredith CTRC-S, CTCRC-S and Healing from Complex Ptsd have the right to terminate any student if:

  • They are abusive in any way towards students and staff
  • They create a hostile learning environment which impedes the progress of other students
  • They are not emotionally stable enough to be taking the course
  • Their behaviour is coercive, manipulative or deceptive
  • They refuse to follow the programs policies, procedures, terms and/or conditions

Student termination is not something we take lightly. There would be connection, communication and conflict resolution before anyone’s enrolment was revoked. Our core principles ensure we are here to behave as adults and be mutually accountable at all times.

No refunds are granted to students who are terminated from the program on these grounds.