Complex Trauma Certified Recovery Coach Disclosures

Foundational Nature of the Course Material

This is a foundational course. There are a wide variety of situations where an individual can experience complex trauma – from relationships, developmental trauma, natural disasters, armed conflict and tragedies. This course does not provide all the skills you will need to be competent dealing with every kind of trauma. The course concentrates on the many aspects of Developmental Trauma, intergenerational trauma and from the Neuroscience perspective.

Upon satisfactorily completing ALL the course requirements, passing the Exam and providing a satisfactory Portfolio you will have foundational competence to work with adults navigating Complex Trauma using practical neuroscience as part of your private practice. You will need additional coursework to become competent with other aspects and treatment perspectives of Complex Trauma as every single client has unique needs.

Personal Disclosure of Trauma History

You will be asked to apply your own lived experiences during this certification. This is an essential part of the certification as you need to understand, to relate to, the lived experience of the neuroscience perspective for your own complex trauma and to assist you to understand and relate to the experience from your client’s point of view as well. Your personal information for course certification is confidential only to Linda Meredith.

Responsibility for Self-Care and Personal Recovery Journey

You may be triggered throughout the complex trauma certification as you are working in areas of your own personal growth. At times you might be asked to read, discuss and write about complex trauma, both yours and others. For this reason you will need to be far enough along in your recovery journey where you are able to manage your personal triggers and know where to seek professional help as you need it. You must be emotionally stable enough to tolerate the work in the certification material as well as interactions with fellow students in our supervisory classes.

It is your responsibility to assess your readiness. We recommend that you have a support system in place during the course. Your personal recovery is solely your responsibility to assess, care for and tend to. You will be provided with a self care package as part of your welcome to the course to assist with making your self care plans for the certification.

Also available to you are online Peer Support groups, both on FB and Healing from Complex Ptsd Mighty Network. No one should ever have to do complex trauma recovery alone. I encourage to share in these emotionally safe environments. They are free to use at all times.

No Guarantee of Clients and Work

It is important to understand your private practice as a Complex Trauma Certified Recovery Coach is in your hands to develop as a professional business owner. You will discover a number of business supports throughout the course to foster your business in a variety of ways. As complex trauma becomes more well known, opportunities will continue to rise in the public domain. 

The completion of this course cannot guarantee there will be clients available for you to coach due to it being an educational certification only. You may receive clients based upon your Directory listing on Healing from Complex Ptsd website. You may receive clients on direct referral from Linda Meredith CTRC-S, CTCRC-S or other coaches. However, this is not a guarantee that clients will be readily available for you to coach once you complete the course. It is your responsibility to market your services and skills, therefore reaching clients who will wish to work with you. Your certification materials will contain ideas to help you take action, as does the Business Library.

The IAOTRC also periodically runs promotions so keep an eye out for those on their Mighty Network. Mind Bloom is an employer who is currently seeking trauma coaches for their business.  We will always update you with more opportunities as we hear of them. Reaching out into your local community and seeing what kind of Trauma Education they need is also a valuable way of beginning to take your private practice into the public arena and opening doors for your business.

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