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From 9pm Saturday Brisbane, Australia time to 9pm Monday Brisbane, Australia time our group is having a weekend break. You will be unable to comment or post until we come back from our Weekend break.

Welcome to Our Global FB Family

Welcome to a FB Group with a difference. Inside group you will find a community packed with encouragement, support, units full of Complex Ptsd information, people who genuinely care and encourage you AND we do weekends with a difference.

Our wonderful Admin Team are like you, in active recovery from Complex Ptsd. We decided to do weekends differently so we can best maintain the foundation of emotional safety present in the group for over 5 years. You won’t find another fb group like us. 

Currently the admin team puts post approval on for the entire group from Saturday 1pm, Brisbane, Australia time to 1pm Monday, Brisbane, Australia time as these are our slowest times of the week.  You can convert this to your time here – https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Am I Ready for the Facebook Group?

If you’re headed into the FB group this is how the Stages relate to the Emotional Safety foundation: Three Stages of Recovery in Relation to Group – the Stages of Recovery are definitely there to outline that Stage 1 needs to be established i.e we are not equipped to be a crisis group. Individuals must have achieved a stage of safety and security in their life and be able to self manage their triggers. This is due to our Emotional Safety foundation, which in itself requires a level of recovery for individuals to be able to understand this is a group and we impact each other.

You belong if you wish to be part of a proactive group who support each others vast and diverse recovery journey’s and are choosing to be proactive despite how damn hard it is just one day at a time. We do the work until we find the 1 thing that works for us individually. Meanwhile we keep taking one next step. If group isn’t for you at this time, that’s okay too. I’m very open about this group is definitely not for everybody who enters it. The choice is always yours.


FB Group Weekend Assistance

From 1pm Saturday Brisbane, Australia time to 1pm Monday Brisbane, Australia time our Admin team take a conscious break. Members are WELCOME to post and admin will approve posts during their weekend as they are available.
As we are a MENTAL HEALTH group, being admin/moderated by those with mental health needs too, it’s healthy that we have time to focus on our daily lives and family over the weekend. We are still around, just making self care a priority. RESOURCES: Whilst we’re having post approval on the weekends you can do the following:
  • Use the Units for EMERGENCY numbers if help is urgent
  • Read posts and gain understanding
  • Use the Units packed with information for Complex Ptsd
  • Use the YouTube channel for practical help http://www.youtube.com/c/ComplexPtsdRecovery
  • Post, and it will be approved during the weekend
  • Have a look at the Mentors Program In Group
  • Have a mental health break and do some things that bring you joy, peace and happiness as recovery is a journey not a destination.
The weekend hours will be 1pm Saturday, Brisbane, Australia to 1pm Monday, Brisbane, Australia time. Time Convertor – https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html Thank you for growing with us! Blessings and dreams, Linda xo

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