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Welcome to Our Global FB Family

Welcome to a FB Group with a difference. Inside group you will find a community packed with encouragement, support, units full of Complex Ptsd information, people who genuinely care and encourage you AND we have weekends off.

Our wonderful Admin Team are like you, in active recovery from Complex Ptsd. We decided to have weekends off so we can best maintain the value and emotional safety present in the group for over 5 years. You won’t find another fb group like us. 

Currently we are having weekends off from 9pm Saturday, Brisbane, Australia time to 9pm Monday, Brisbane, Australia time as these are our slowest times of the week. You can convert this to your time here –


FB Group Weekend Assistance

From 9pm Saturday Brisbane, Australia time to 9pm Monday Brisbane, Australia time our group is having a weekend break. You will be unable to comment or post until we come back from our Weekend break. My apologies for the late notice, but it’s become urgent from a health perspective for our Admin Team to have time out.
We all know and love and value our community in here. As Aussies we also value our weekends off to recharge. I’ve chosen for us to have weekends off because we are a MENTAL HEALTH group, being admin/moderated by those with mental health needs too.
RESOURCES: Whilst we’re having a weekend off you can do the following:
  • Use the Units for EMERGENCY help
  • Read posts and gain understanding
  • Use the Units packed with information for Complex Ptsd
  • Use the YouTube channel for practical help
  • Post, and it will be approved once the weekend is over
  • Have a mental health break and do some things that bring you joy, peace and happiness.
The weekend hours will be 9pm Saturday, Brisbane, Australia to 9pm Monday, Brisbane, Australia time.
Thank you for growing with us!

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