Trauma & Spirituality

Developing Meaningful Relationships – Shane Willard

Childhood Trauma leaves us, as far as relationships go, in a state of feeling uncomfortably comfortable with adult relationships containing trauma. Our lives need to be transformed so we live from our authentic selves and our power. Part of regaining our authentic selves and our power requires us to gain new knowledge and wisdom about healthy …

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When Love Conquers Fear

You sit on your Pedi stool, Judging from up high

Looking only at things, from the outside

seeing all ways as bad and too far

never wondering what is buried inside

you don’t see the turmoil

in the mind

you don’t see the scars

covered with pride

you won’t see hurt

buried by time

Complex Ptsd: Is not a Lack of Faith

Raw & Real: Sometimes, I have this overwhelming, very human urge to strangle ignorant individuals, but I quickly remember to breathe and save myself from some jail time. After all, I’ve been an ignorant individual in my lifetime too. Whether through a lack of knowledge, lack of wisdom, lack of communication, I’ve no doubt others have wanted to strangle me too. Fortunately, they all breathed, and saved themselves jail time as well. 🙂

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