Raw & Real: CPtsd

You Can’t Hate Yourself Into Recovery

Raw & Real: One of the best decisions I ever made some years ago now, was to choose to begin to believe the kind things people said about me. I was sitting at my desk, back when I still didn’t have a lot of cognitive functions, and I realised I continuously believed the worst about myself.

The Negativity Bias of the Brain

Raw and Real: Self discovery of the week, once a flashback occurs, abandonment depression happens, any type of unconscious trigger, the negativity bias of the brain is in play again AND I have to be able to spot it. Once I spot the negativity bias driven thoughts I can then return to being who I am AND pursuing each day with passionate pursuit in my work, my relationships, my life!

The Heroine in Your Story

Raw & Real: There’s no one coming to wipe up the beautiful mess of our lives. No one. There was no one growing up who could see the mess they were creating, there was no intentional living, no conscious choices being made about our future mental and emotional health or what might be handed down.

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