Complex Ptsd Recovery

Navigating Isolation, Anxiety & Depression

There are many unknown elements in an unhealthy home that do not set us up for success. There often times is ongoing danger, multiple times a day, which sets us up for feeling we are always at risk. There is a constant unknown.

There is inconsistency. To the brain, that is an unknown. Will Dad come home from work happy or angry? How about mom, what will her mood be like? We are constantly on guard because we don’t know what to expect due to a lack of consistency.

Complex Ptsd: A Survivors Reality

It can an incredibly overwhelming challenge when you’re an adult survivor of childhood abuse to see a way through from Survivor to Thriver. I watched it unfold in my own recovery over the years because I had no mud map imprinted in my brain of the “how to’s” in life. 

I understand what it’s like to look at other family’s and think “why didn’t I get that experience?” or “How come they have money and we have to hide the fact that we have none?” To be honest the list can be endless in regards to the questions we ask and often get left unanswered.

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