Complex Ptsd Recovery

The Power of Prayer

Religion and politics. Those are topics you are wise to stay away from if you want to maintain peace at gatherings of friends or family. But, let’s face it, religion and politics are the two main ways people come together, become one, support one another with passion, unite as US to fight THEM, and deeply feel love and hate.

Sandwich Parenting ~ An Essential Conversation

A Sandwich Parent who saved herself from a complete loss of cognitive functions to being Australia’s first Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Linda Meredith truly knows what suffering from CPTSD is like. Based out of Brisbane, Linda makes her trauma recovery expertise available globally through her YouTube channel, Healing CPTSD website, and Facebook community. She wants you to believe in yourself and have hope. She did it and she wants you to know you can too.

4 Ways to Navigate Holiday Season

It’s that time of year, the holidays are coming up and you may find yourself feeling miserable and wondering why? I think it’s because in many of our minds, this is what’s playing in a loop: You should be happy. You should be grateful. You should be thankful.
Should be. For many of us, the holidays are a beautiful time of year. A time of rest, connection with loved ones, and celebration. But let’s be real: that doesn’t mean it’s all mistletoe and cheer.

S.E.W.I.N.G Trauma

Hi All,One way that I try to work through the healing process is by writing.  I wanted to share the thoughts below and welcome any of your thoughts and feedback: A psychologically or emotionally traumatic event overwhelms an individual’s existing coping mechanisms and ability to process the experience in real-time. The trauma can fragment the self, …

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