Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith is the founder of Healing from Complex Ptsd, Owner of the Worlds First Complex Ptsd Membership and Australia's first Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. Passionate, Innovative and Effective in the Complex Trauma Recovery field she coaches individuals globally, gives international seminars to hundreds from her desktop and spends spare time developing effective new products for complex ptsd based on the latest in Neuroscience. She adores her 3 adult children, her gorgeous granddaughter and rescued Manx Panda, coffee with her besties and binging Netflix.

Do I have a Lack of Dopamine?

I’ve been searching for answers to my depression, which I didn’t believe I even had during my anxiety days, for a very long time. Recently I came into an awareness my brain had significantly healed. I was only able to recognise this for 2 reasons.

Unlocking Your One Next Step

Raw & Real: I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve had no idea which way to turn to take my one next step throughout my recovery journey. Then there’s the other side of the coin where I’m moving forward in recovery and BAM! CRASH! I unknowingly spiral downwards and can’t get out of bed for some unknown reason. Frustrating much? Yes!

Taking things Personally CPtsd

Our core path through all of this is the opposite of what we have known all our life. Throughout our life there has been a lack of experiencing giving and receiving love. Complex Trauma begins to heal effectively as we learn to love our choices, our life, those around us etc irrespective of how it compares to our life goals and dreams. Bring authentic love back into your heart for yourself, fill your bucket of love up, and give from there. Our internal system will thank us for bringing love back into ourselves. The love drives out fear and builds courage for the road ahead. Choose love despite our past. Love wins.

You’re Invited… Home

The fear, the sense of terror, the anxiety riddling my body just never made sense as an adult. 

I’d ask myself repeatedly why couldn’t I manage “normal” adult responsibilities? Why couldn’t I get into a routine and keep it? Why did other people scare the living daylights out of me on one hand but on the other hand we could be instant friends? Quite frankly none of it made any logical sense at all. 

You Can’t Hate Yourself Into Recovery

Raw & Real: One of the best decisions I ever made some years ago now, was to choose to begin to believe the kind things people said about me. I was sitting at my desk, back when I still didn’t have a lot of cognitive functions, and I realised I continuously believed the worst about myself.

The Truth about Trigger Warnings

We have a wonderful, global Complex Ptsd Peer Support group, run by a fully trained and in training Team of Admins, Moderators and Assistants. The group is fully equipped with close to 40 Units – now called Guides – of information for Effective Complex Ptsd Recovery.  One of the questions we get asked is what is a Trigger Warning and why do we need it? One of our Team, Lauren, answers the questions for us.

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