Linda Meredith

My journey living with C-PTSD has been like navigating a field of internal landmines. Early on, I didn’t know there were landmines inside of me that could explode at any moment. And I certainly didn’t have a map! My undiagnosed C-PTSD blew up nearly every aspect of my life about twelve years ago. I couldn’t walk, talk, eat, or bathe. I had no memory. My cognitive functions were so impaired that I needed a full-time caretaker. That’s when my journey of healing and recovery from C-PTSD began. I became aware of my landmines and created my own map through the minefield. Thankfully, those early days of severe impairment from C-PTSD are far behind me. Today, I help others navigate their own minefields and help them create their own maps of healing and recovery from C-PTSD. Together, we can discover your healing journey to living a better life with C-PTSD. Linda Meredith Certified Complex Trauma Coach/Counsellor

Complex Ptsd: A Survivors Reality

It can an incredibly overwhelming challenge when you’re an adult survivor of childhood abuse to see a way through from Survivor to Thriver. I watched it unfold in my own recovery over the years because I had no mud map imprinted in my brain of the “how to’s” in life. 

I understand what it’s like to look at other family’s and think “why didn’t I get that experience?” or “How come they have money and we have to hide the fact that we have none?” To be honest the list can be endless in regards to the questions we ask and often get left unanswered.

A Trauma Survivors Guide to Surviving the Worst Case Scenario: A Self Esteem Building Toolkit

We were right!
We were always preparing for the worst and now it’s here. Our fears have been
realized. Did “everyone” tell you were crazy for “catastrophizing” all the time? Did people tell you you were crazy for using so much hand sanitizer and washing your hands? WELL, guess what, fellow traveler, you’ve got this one right!

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