Charlotte Beaty-Thigpen

4 Ways to Navigate Holiday Season

It’s that time of year, the holidays are coming up and you may find yourself feeling miserable and wondering why? I think it’s because in many of our minds, this is what’s playing in a loop: You should be happy. You should be grateful. You should be thankful.
Should be. For many of us, the holidays are a beautiful time of year. A time of rest, connection with loved ones, and celebration. But let’s be real: that doesn’t mean it’s all mistletoe and cheer.

Navigating Isolation, Anxiety & Depression

There are many unknown elements in an unhealthy home that do not set us up for success. There often times is ongoing danger, multiple times a day, which sets us up for feeling we are always at risk. There is a constant unknown.

There is inconsistency. To the brain, that is an unknown. Will Dad come home from work happy or angry? How about mom, what will her mood be like? We are constantly on guard because we don’t know what to expect due to a lack of consistency.

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